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Journal Entry: Tue Jul 5, 2005, 7:49 PM
To develop a fun and exciting alternative fictional universe by weaving elements of horror, fantasy, together into an anachronistic medieval setting.

Last updated 15th of May 2007

Q: What is the “Clockwork Universe” ?
A: First started in 2004, Clockwork Universe is a private and on going project aimed at the design and development of an alternate fictional universe.

Q: Why develop the Clockwork Universe?
A: This project is an attempt at bringing some minor attention to the often neglected, and little known genre called Steampunk.

Q: What is Steampunk?
A: Steampunk is a a subgenre of speculative fiction, often set in a anachronistic Victorian setting. To avoid re-writing what's already been done, you can find this answer @…

Q: Is the Clockwork Universe in a Victorian setting?
A: No, the Clockwork Universe setting can be best described as a  anachronistic medieval setting.
This was chosen for a few reasons. But firstly and foremost as a means to differentiate the Clockwork Universe from other, better known Steampunk settings.

Q: What type of atmosphere does this world have?
A: While there is bound to be contrasting atmospheric tones within the Clockwork Universe, it is overwhelmingly dark, dirty and gritty.
  • Blood stained iron sheet roofs with surface rust.
    • Smoke spewing out of chimney's into the air filling the sky around the cities with a brown to red haze.
      • Miners dripping in sweat, earth falls and crumbles around them as they wipe the grime off there  faces as they burrow deeper and deeper into the dirty and damp mines.
        • Landscape's blighted with rubble and old mines.
          • A forgotten mountainous plateau, its sides marred with mines, upon which a a single green sapling sprouts amongst the sourounding debree.
            • The rumbling of machinery and flashes of bright light emanating form the smelters, followed by a hiss and cloud of steam as steal is quenched by water.
              • Rivers stained a reddish brown from corroded and abandoned steal windmills that litter there shores.

                These are a collection of examples depicting some of the scenes within the Clockwork Universe.

                Q: Why feature it on Deviant Art?
                A: To gain insight form the general DA community. Currently the project is still in its fetal stages. As the project gains more momentum it will most likely be moved to a domain of its own with adequate and supporting web based infrastructure. However, as it stands this is a hobby and labor of love. So there is no need to go to provide its own site at this stage.

                Q: Is this DA account a club?"
                A: No, the clockworkuniverse account is not a club. The CWU is a world designed and directed by abyssus and is supported by other forms of contributed media by voluntarily artists.

                Want to help?
                While i doubt many people will be interested, Im always open to suggestion and contributions. If you would like to produce some Clockwork Universe inspired artwork, feel free to drop me a note, I would be happy to intergrate it into the official project.
                All contributions will be credited directly to there appropiate donors.

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Submitted on
July 5, 2005