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Alacan Map by ClockworkRewired Alacan Map :iconclockworkrewired:ClockworkRewired 0 10
Sunrise, Sunset
May the sunrise greet you
With a smile on your face,
For whatever you do
You still maintain grace.
The sky painted warmly
Reflects in your bright eyes
That love friends, family,
And blessings in disguise.
May your day be filled up
With laughter and with life,
So when your life gets rough
You are stronger than strife.
The sun will still be high
And will be forever;
As your day draws to night
The link will not sever.
May the sunset guide you
To your final rest now.
The light, now fading too,
Must sometimes be blown out.
But do not be afraid
Of all there is to see.
The moon is there to aid
When at once, you are free.
:iconclockworkrewired:ClockworkRewired 1 0
Miscommunication (Don't Say Anything)
If you got nothing to say
Then open up your mouth
Cuz singing bout your haters
Don't mean our culture's going south (No!)
Give em what they want
So they can throw it back
In your face, little child
Throw your fit about what you lack (Ha!)
We always scream, we always shout,
"Make a change! Make a change!"
We never tell the others how to
Take the stage, take the stage
What gave you the right to
Tell me what to think, to say, to be, to love?
Who stepped down and gave the crown to
Someone who's never been a step in their shoes without a shove?
There is some miscommunication
Between you and your rebellious nation
If you've got nothing to lose
Then open up your eyes
Cuz there's too much unnoticed
And too few here who'll realize (What?)
That there's a way to save
Ourselves from what we've become
Even if we stand alone
Against the others saying, "This is how it's done!"
We always scream, we always shout,
"Make a change! Make a change!"
We never tell the others how to
Take the stage, take the s
:iconclockworkrewired:ClockworkRewired 1 17
I thought about Death today.
I thought of how she greets some,
Yet smothers others.
I thought about the peace
And the agony.
I thought about how much she means to some,
And how little she means to others.
I thought of how all are equal
When she takes you away.
I thought of how easy it is to try,
But maybe not so easy to back down.
I thought of the last words someone could say,
And how no one may hear them.
I thought about death today,
And she is beautiful,
And she is disarming,
And she is the only constant.
:iconclockworkrewired:ClockworkRewired 0 5
I am at my lowest
I am emotionless,
But still crying.
I lie, because it is my truth.
Music, once my medicine,
Hurts too much.
Friends, once my rocks,
Are too far away.
I am torn
Between regret and revival,
Neither look the easy road on.
For now,
I can smile
Because that is my only power.
:iconclockworkrewired:ClockworkRewired 0 3
Chapter 3 -- A Crack in the Glass
I couldn't believe it, Mom believed my excuse. I told her that Annie had asked me over to help with some Biology homework, and she said I could go. I didn't betray her trust often, so she always believed me, many times even when I was lying.
Biking into the setting sun painted before me, I began to have second thoughts. What if Cooper tries to pull something? What if he doesn't show? What if he wants to break up with me? What if? What if...
No, I told myself, I can't think that way.
Instead of focusing on what could possibly go wrong, I focused on my breathing and pace as I pedaled faster.
I stepped out of the park restroom, wearing the black leather pants and the white blouse with the rose. I looked down at my top, remembering nothing about how I came to own it. It just seemed to have appeared in my hands that night. It was white and fell off my shoulders by design, bunching up the fabric artfully so it didn't fall off. It was cinched at the waist as well.
The rose was a beautiful
:iconclockworkrewired:ClockworkRewired 2 2
I cannot say that I know your pain.
How can I?
I have no disorders, no lines to mark,
No depression, at least, not this time.
I've experienced death,
Yet I've never wished it to embrace me
And I will never know the pain of waiting
Standing on the edge, screaming

I learn from your laments
Your heartaches
Your cries,
And it tears me apart.
I cannot know your suffering,
Whether it is a memory suppressed or a physical ailing
I am here,
Because I know what it feels like to not feel loved.
:iconclockworkrewired:ClockworkRewired 4 9
Windy Chime and Weaver by ClockworkRewired Windy Chime and Weaver :iconclockworkrewired:ClockworkRewired 3 4
A Crack in the Glass -- Chapter 2
       My boyfriend, Cooper Soto, lived relatively close to the school and my house. It was a five minute bike ride from either location, and I normally never went very far without my bike, anyway. It was the only exercise I got besides lugging about ten pounds of books up and down three flights of stairs during school. I'm exaggerating, but not by much. It was painful, but it kept me in shape for my gym class last year and cross country training this past summer. At least I didn't carry a purse.
       Cooper was outside shooting arrows at a target when I came up on his house. He was like Robin Hood from Sherwood Forest, with his chiseled face and body. I tended to romanticize him more often than not, but he always lived up to my expectations of what a knight in shining armor would look like. Well, his armor shouldn't shine. The shiny knights never actually did anything. The beaten up ones were the ones you wanted. I couldn't help a laugh at his
:iconclockworkrewired:ClockworkRewired 1 8
A Crack In The Glass -- Chapter 1
       "In most everyone's life, there's a time when you question everything that you know. Instead of trusting what you have learned over the years, it all becomes possibly incorrect and invalid information. There is an insatiable hunger for the truth, whatever it may be. Some find it, some never find it, and some never start. For the lucky few who have never taken part in the dangerous pastime that is curiosity, they will never know what true success is.
       "Curiosity is the basis of innovation and ingenuity. Without a curious mind, humans would never advance. They would never thrive. They would just live under a rock. As Smiley Blanton is quoted saying, 'A sense of curiosity is nature's original school of education.' In order for us to grow, curiosity is a must-have tool. Praise the curious minds, who search for explanations and solve problems that baffle most."
       I stepped down from the podium in room 123A, Freshm
:iconclockworkrewired:ClockworkRewired 2 16
Back after lunch. by ClockworkRewired Back after lunch. :iconclockworkrewired:ClockworkRewired 3 3
You shine brighter than
The lights that try to lead you astray
You are bigger than
The bullies that seem to be in your way
There's so much more to life
Than grades and a university price
I know it's blinding
But you are already stronger and rising
You are here, you are loved
You are what someone's dreams are made of
You are too young to get so cold
Why don't you get up and dance before you get too old
Your laugh makes me smile
When everyone around us has a frown
You've got a certain charm
It never goes away, even if you fall down
There's so much more to you
Than doing what others tell you to
I know it might hurt
But you don't seem to know how much you're worth
You are here, you are loved
You are what someone's dreams are made of
You are too young to get so cold
Why don't you get up and dance before you get too old
I know you're only human
But your imperfections make you you
You see a disappointment
And leave yourself battled and bruised
I wish that you saw different
Because you're beau
:iconclockworkrewired:ClockworkRewired 2 0
Weaver by ClockworkRewired Weaver :iconclockworkrewired:ClockworkRewired 0 12
Christy's Poem
The blind may not see my face
Nor know the color of my skin
Outside of what I say
And what experiences may have been.
The blind know my heart
And the makings of my personality
Because of the work of art
That they experience without impartiality.
They may not know the color brown
Nor the sight of the setting sun,
But they know my voice only by sound
And when a friendship has begun.
They do not see,
But they see all.
They can always be,
Without any gall.
:iconclockworkrewired:ClockworkRewired 1 3
Ask My Characters: Question #2 by ClockworkRewired Ask My Characters: Question #2 :iconclockworkrewired:ClockworkRewired 2 0 Question #1: Clockie by ClockworkRewired Question #1: Clockie :iconclockworkrewired:ClockworkRewired 1 3


Mias and Elle Chapter1 pg20 by StressedJenny Mias and Elle Chapter1 pg20 :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 1,419 181 Mias and Elle Chapter1 pg19 by StressedJenny Mias and Elle Chapter1 pg19 :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 1,449 259 Mias and Elle Chapter1 pg18 by StressedJenny Mias and Elle Chapter1 pg18 :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 1,004 90 Mias and Elle Chapter1 pg17 by StressedJenny Mias and Elle Chapter1 pg17 :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 1,042 110 Mias and Elle Chapter1 pg16 by StressedJenny Mias and Elle Chapter1 pg16 :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 1,258 237 Mias and Elle Chapter1 pg15 by StressedJenny Mias and Elle Chapter1 pg15 :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 1,261 216 Mias and Elle Chapter1 pg14 by StressedJenny Mias and Elle Chapter1 pg14 :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 1,017 94 Mias and Elle Chapter1 pg13 by StressedJenny Mias and Elle Chapter1 pg13 :iconstressedjenny:StressedJenny 1,040 106 South China Sea by jollyjack South China Sea :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 1,069 262 All You Can Eat by jollyjack All You Can Eat :iconjollyjack:jollyjack 1,300 199
Digitigrade Leg and Stilt Construction
If your character has animal-like legs, such as a fawn, a werewolf, or a gargoyle, a draenai, tauren, etc, you have probably run across the problem of leg construction. These character types require digitigrade legs to look authentic and the whole point is to look authentic, right?
For those who are confused about what digitigrade means, here is the definition (Wiki):
A digitigrade is an animal that stands or walks on its digits, or toes. Digitigrades include walking birds (what many assume to be bird knees are actually ankles), cats, dogs, and most other mammals, but not humans, bears, and a few others (cf. plantigrade, unguligrade). They are generally quicker and move more quietly than other mammals.
So let's take a peek at how we can achieve the look without breaking our shins, hanging from the rafters in a desperate effort to stretch our Achilles tendon (No, really... DO NOT DO THAT), or undergoing some sort of mutagenic gene therapy.
Some methods are more comfortable and user frie
:iconmasque-cosplay:Masque-Cosplay 73 6
'Dima' Faun/Satyr Costume by zacpfaff 'Dima' Faun/Satyr Costume :iconzacpfaff:zacpfaff 515 305 Overflowing with Colors by Picolo-kun Overflowing with Colors :iconpicolo-kun:Picolo-kun 7,838 386 nightmare by KawaiiKaneKuma nightmare :iconkawaiikanekuma:KawaiiKaneKuma 7 24
Pick a Prompt.
Pick a number and I'll use whatever Sentence that is next to it and either write a story or draw it out!
- you may choose more than one number
-you can choose which characters i use, weather it be from a movie, show, your own characters or my Oc's. Just tell me who!
- if you choose you OC please tell me how they act so i can write them correctly
- you can choose if you want it written or drawn. (please know that if you choose art, it will take longer to complete)
-if you choose more than one number, tell me if you want them all together or separate.
- be patient with me.
-thank you for reading the rules ^^
- you can do this too if you want c:
Just so i know which ones I have done, I will cross them out as I go.
1. "hey, wanna play?"
2."YOU PROMISED!" -working on-
3. "heh, could be worse"
4. "what where you thinking!?"
5. "there's that smile!"
6. "you did WHAT!?"
7. "Don't you da- OH FOR THE LOVE OF!!!!"
8. "See you on the Flip side!"
9. "OoOoO! You scar
:iconfallriver:FallRiver 2 18





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