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Following a man who, after getting obsessed with the rock'n roll scene and the glamorous tales of the lifestyle of iconic rock figures ends up believing he's to become one as well. His family tries to rehab him from all the vices that have made him believe it so but he makes up his mind and goes away to fulfil his duty as a mass-beloved star. He convinces some poor guy to join him in a tour to noone, singing love songs to a girl he doesn't know and fighting the giant corporations who want to overtake him (when, of course, is mere paranoia). Soon enough people start to recognize him and treating him as delusional, playing his game for pranks and amusement.

If you think about it, t's not so far away from the lives of some people with musical aspirations... :(


for a contest :youki-youtenko: urged me to enter to. yeah i'm horrible at editing or making this looks like a poster. Seventh Sanctum contest, and details here: [link] love the ideas, so I hope Anz will join too :)
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If only this were an actual movie... I would have totally watched this instead of reading the book for an English project at school.

This is amazing!!!
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Oh, this looks quite cool :D
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No wonder this won!
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Definitely deserves first place.
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This is great. I love it!
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This is Friggin Awesome! I love the drawing, and converting Don Quixote to Rock & Roll was brilliant.
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bullshit! This is osoommmmm :la:
Ghaaaaaa, I'm so delayeedddd, I don't even know if I'm going to make it on time. T_T;
(btw, this is B, right?)

That's sad, tho T _ T Quijote on dlugs (and no rife)???
wut was the prompt? o3o
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yessirrr, i am X) how are you? long time no see
I always thought it was depressing, the book... especially the second part )':

Prompt: "Don Quixote (Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra) with rock stars and a film noir feel!"
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