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Working mini Telescope

Mini working Telescope!
its great for a steampunk, a pirate or someone who wants to be a spy ;) hehe
I invested in a few of these - one sold already - but they are just great. I paired them up with little charms - this one has a very gear like wheel. (a fellow kept insisting its a gear - but I think its a ship wheel... but hey. whatever keeps people happy!)

they are on a long antiqued bronze/brass coloured chain thats nickel free.

but the best part.. they collapse!
there's more photos on my [link] site of this one folded up. Fully extended its 8cm long (just over 3 inches) and closed up its just 4cm (just a bit over 2 inches!). Ever so cool :D
Image details
Image size
1000x1000px 1009.72 KB
Canon PowerShot G6
Shutter Speed
1/2 second
Focal Length
11 mm
Date Taken
Oct 25, 2009, 7:58:07 AM
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hello clockwork-zero,
We are from Hunger Mountain literary journal ( editorial staff.
We would like to use your photo on our site as a cover image for a Fiction piece.
we feel that it's a great fit with the story and the site. 
please let us know that you are willing to let us use it at

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oh my gosh it's so cuuute :la:
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oh my gosh it's so cuuute :la:
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I'm in love with this!!! Where do you find your tiny parts?! :DD <3
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do you have any left?
how much would you want for one?
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i've got one left...
but no more globes. I put a wing on it but would be willing to put something else with it. :D
you could email me at: {@] if you like...
sorry I don't get to check this very often. They are about $56 or so.
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I love these telesscopes!
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Kizziesama thanks. I think they are a great combo of something fun and something Cool. I like thing that work especially as jewelry.
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Oh goodness yes! It's very neat to see some functional jewelry :lol:
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very very neat.
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That's so cute! If I wasn't saving money for an Anime convention I'd totally get one!
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Hey InvaderVal :D
how are you? No probs .. i might be able to special order some more eventually. They are just rather awesome. the fact they work is brilliant!
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I'm good. Lots of schoolwork to do...
How about yourself?

I've always thought telescopes were really cool. I've just never really learned how to use one correctly. lol
So it actually works? You can put your eye up to it and everything?
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Thats great!, I really want one now :D
Where did you get the telescopes from?
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I special ordered them :D I really wanted one for me but decided to see if other people might like them too. I hope to do a special order again. they are just soo neat :D
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Quite possibly the most awesome steampunk thing I've ever seen... Waaaaaant x3
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aww thanks! i just like telescopes. The fact its really small is just so cool :D
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It's a great work! ^^
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You're welcome! ^^
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I know I haven't been commenting a lot on your works, but I think this is definitely one of my favourites. :D I love telescopes, and interactive jewelry is awesomely fun. It would look amazing on a costume. Hell, I'd wear it all the time. :D
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