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Kevin In The Bathroom



Whoops, guess who's been listening to a certain Be More Chill song on repeat?

I was really inspired by this animatic:…  Which you should really give a Like or something, because it looks great! The timing and the facial expressions are just When the Deviation/Art/Upload is Just Right (icon). I wish I had that much patience!

I couldn't stop picturing Kevin (my character) to this song, because I just looove to twist absolutely any song to fit my characters. <3 The li'l story I had in my head was Eugene (Kevin's alternate personality) going to a party, and Kevin "waking up" at the party to realize that he's--y'know--at some massive social event that he doesn't remember going to and definitely wasn't invited to. So, Kevin being the anxious, crowd-hating guy that he is, he locks himself in the bathroom. Note that this would take place when Kevin/Eugene are in High school, while in my current version of them, they're about twenty five years old. Gotta love that teenage angst!

An internet cookie to anyone who can find which exact part of the animatic inspired me to draw this.
Sunstreak2000 Hmmm, when you zoom in on that little heart it has two random initials... I wonder what that could possibly be referencing? EYEBROW SEAL INTENSIFIES 
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I love how the name of the band is Be More Chill but all of their songs are the opposite of chill --

But this is really cool aaa!!

EDIT: Also is it ??