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That's gotta be the dumbest parody title I've ever written, and I've made a lot of stupid titles in my time.

A sequel to this:…

Eugene is exactly the opposite of Kevin in every way, despite sharing the same body.
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Is.. is he doing the "blep" face? 
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I don't know what that is, so... no?
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I don't know how to describe it. You'd have to google it. It's something most animals do and it's adorable.
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Heeeeeeeck yes, love this jerk!

Also, I think this is the first picture you've actually posted of Eugene, right? I'm probably wrong 
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Yeah, I just realized that! That's pretty crazy, considering he's been around since early 2015.
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Well it's definitely great to see you post art of him! 
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Do you ever just, like

look at Vivziepop, and think...

I need that style. That art style needs to be mine, ASAP. But iT ISN'T MY STYLE EVEN THOUGH I LOVE IT AND MY CHARACTERS WOULD LOOK SO COOL IN IT--
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YES. That has happened SO. MANY. TIMES.
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What's funny is that a quarter of the time I can't even tell what's happening in her drawings, because there's just so much detail and the characters are so weirdly proportioned. But they look so good, that I want to just... draw like that. But unfortunately that art style is basically known by this point as the Vivziepop Style.
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Yeah, she's one of those people that can get away with having super broken anatomy because her style is so unique. And, you can forget about a style that's even remotely similar to hers, or else her fans will all scream "YOU COPIED VIVZIEPOP!!1!" At you
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Yeah, it is! Or at least, it used to be super unique, before a bunch of people were inspired to draw like her. 

Not gonna lie, the Vivziepop fandom can be cancerous. I love her art and even enjoyed her comic back in the day (even though it was confusing to keep up with awhile) but her fans tend to be... interesting.
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another one with beautiful colours!! ;o;

also i hope you dont mind me asking, but what is their story actually? :'0 i havent been here for such a long time.. ive missed out a lot hhh
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Aww, thank you! It's just Sharpies and a Gelly Roll pen, but they're so fun to use. :D

Oh wow, well, don't feel bad for not knowing! I don't usually post these two.

Kevin/Eugene is an old character of mine that I still love dearly, first made in 2015: Kevin's Ref (LOOK AT THAT TERRIFYING OLD ART), but his ref was recently updated: Kevin Theodore Baxley - 2017 Ref. The description of the new ref has a much more thorough explanation, but it's scarily long so I'll save you time and give you a short summary. o_o

Kevin was born to abusive parents who weren't fit to take care of him, so he was taken away from them at age five. He doesn't remember his biological parents, thankfully, but he spent the rest of his childhood/teenagehood being tossed around different foster homes--most of which were really bad homes. Because of this he grew up to be a very nervous, self conscious, people-pleasing person who spooks very easily and can't take any kind of pressure. Sometime during late high school he started to develop more serious mental/emotional issues, which eventually led to Eugene--his second personality--being created.

Eugene is your stereotypical Hyde character, who likes to screw around and cause trouble, since he knows he'll never have to face the consequences--only Kevin will. I made him when I was fourteen, so Eugene is basically that one cheesy "I'm going to stab you, for fun!!" character. x'D

Ahhh, sorry for the long reply!
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youre welcome!

ahh okii!!
woah it seems like he didn't have an all too good childhood, poor boy ;n; but it sounds like an interesting story!!

and pff even if it's the stereotypical edgy character (which isn't really bad at all considering most people go through that phase), it's still good tho! i'm looking forward to hear more about these two!

haha thats fine! i can handle long texts, i love to read them
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Aww, thank you! He really didn't have the best childhood, to say the least. 

That's so nice of you! I realize that Eugene could be a less stereotypical character, but I hold him so near and dear to my heart (along with Kevin) that I just don't want to change him, at least not currently. Sometimes it's okay to have a stereotypical character, if they make you happy/are nostalgic to you. : )

Awww. ;u;
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pff, in the end its your character so you should be the one to choose how they should be, not other people haha
and yeah i kinda agree with that!
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Aw, thanks!

That's pretty true.
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