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December 2, 2009
En Masse by ~clockblock reminds me of that whenever you feel lost or insecure, there's always someone who's willing to hold your hand and understand you.
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En Masse

It was an art project Miller made me do.
It was so unbelievably tedious,

So, no scraps as you all have said xD

EDIT: Okay, WOW. Just wow. It became a DD, and I'm getting an immense amount of love from all you guys, thank you so much! I guess it really payed off, wow haha. I definitely love it now lol
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DubaiBunniesUAE's avatar
This is so beautiful. Thanks for sharing it.
Gorgeous work. I sent you an email a few days ago wondering if I could use this as a still in a video I'm doing for the conference Hope is hosting. Probably went to an old email address. How do you license it for video, please? It's obviously a not-for-commercial use. Please let me know. Thanks, Hope
IrisVilliam's avatar
I'd love to have that someone taking my hand...
Schattenkunst's avatar
The red hand is my life right now....
I hope one day I can paint it black.
Maybe in this life, maybe I can have it. I don't know though. I just don't know,
Shinseinasenshi's avatar
It's unbelievably beautiful.
I developed a Love/Hate relationship with typography once. I'll thank my teacher forever for it.
4gconsultant's avatar
Cookie71266's avatar
Wow, this is very meaningful! Love it!
purpleZ3bra's avatar
This is a really beautiful and creative
SirFroztie's avatar
This is nothing short of really amazing
Well done mate
mschagen1's avatar
Hi im doing typography atm and would love to know how to do something like this? did you see a tutorial or anything on the net on how to do this?
filipeoliveira's avatar
Can you take a look in my Elsa Drawing…
TheDragonauthor's avatar
Wow, this is just... Beautiful. I almost started crying when I saw this.
fletche-art's avatar
I feel your pain. Check out my ID pic. First and last time I will be doing that type of thing lol. 
But I love what you've done and it sends a powerful message (which I love). 
Great job. Favorite!
XxShardedDragonxX's avatar
So much is said in this (literally and figuratively)
zuluchenbo's avatar
AWESOMEEEEEEE!!!! Ao Sparkleeye Icon 
psycocat's avatar
I'm a little sad I am just now finding this.  this is wonderful!
throughpassion's avatar
nice, i like seeing this right now. language can also have artistic impact
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