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whispers [c]


fullbody with complex background commission for :iconarquerite: of their super pretty mothcat oc helena *v*

character belongs to :iconarquerite:
program: medibang, photoshop


 tumblr commission info | deviantart furaffinity instagram 

|| MORE ART ||
enchant by clockbirds  heaven and earth by clockbirds  morning monarch by clockbirds  field of galaxies by clockbirds 
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Amidamaru88's avatar
the purple tree looks great, I'm not a fall of the creature though
Zemaroon's avatar
Its so beautiful! <3 :iconzemaroon:
AL357's avatar
The wings are so sparkly owo
I saw the speedpaint video too! It was awesome! :D
Vellix-Dog's avatar
I love the detail you put Into your artwork! Its truly amazing the way you draw and it inspires me so much. :)
lexatea's avatar
Your work is incredible! I Loooovvveee the way you draw animals! Love 
Krisallys's avatar
i love the colors! nice job
Wilka20017's avatar
I cant find ur Commises
The-Fox-Experiment's avatar
so much details, wow
Draknairy's avatar
Amazing artstyle!
SophieSuncatcher's avatar
This is SO PRETTY! You have amazing art :D
clockbirds's avatar
awww thank you so much!!
Kamivicious's avatar
I love everything about thissssssssss
clockbirds's avatar
thank yoouuuu friend <333
fanface's avatar
WOW this is absolutely GORGEOUS!
Sound-of-Heaven's avatar
Whoa, how did I miss this one before? Totally breathtaking! The lighting, the textures, everything! I am especially loving the cat's wings and the sense of depth you get from the flowers on the tree. You really brought the magic to life! :D
clockbirds's avatar
awww thank youuuu <333
ceadar's avatar
The amount of detail in this piece is outstanding! The shading a coloring work so well with the over all feeling of the piece!
clockbirds's avatar
thank you so much!!
KazultheDragon's avatar
Wow!! This totally makes me think of a scene from Breath of the Wild.
clockbirds's avatar
SHAKES YOU i haven't played it but i've seen scenes and its such a pretty game
actually i just need to play more games yo, even if its just for environment insp
KazultheDragon's avatar
Ah what I meant to say is that it reminds me of the scenery from BOTW, not a specific scene :0

I'm by no means an avid Zelda fan but BOTW got me hooked. You gotta play it!!
Fokkopuffs's avatar
Stunning as always. Lemme tell you Jax I will never get tired of looking at your art you have one of the most amazing art styles that I know of and seeing your art always makes me super happy. You're 100% my art senpai
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