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obligatory personal piece before i go back into commissions ^u^

no speedpaint for this one because i wanted to work without the pressure and experiment a little. actually, i'm thinking of taking a brief break from recording all of my pieces!
i definitely feel like i work differently when i have screen recording on vs. off. when it's on, there's a lot less experimentation and regular evaluation and a lot more of using techniques i already know to get the job done as quickly as possible.
while it definitely helped me a lot in streamlining my process, but i feel like it has stunted my artistic growth in the long run. so i really want to try drawing for a while without recording to push myself and improve my work more and more~

anyway, i hope people won't be too disappointed by this! it means my youtube channel might be a little quiet for a while.
but i'm definitely planning to get back into making videos and stuff once i feel like i've reached that next level of drawing that i'm happy with *u*
this piece accumulates a lot of the stuff i've learnt over the past year and should hopefully set a nice baseline to compare where i will be this time next year!


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What a majestic sight.:love:

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It's definitedly my favourite piece right now <3 Stunning. Breath-taking. Thrilling!
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This is so breath takingly beautiful! I hope it's okay if I use it as my pc desktop wallpaper
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This is stunning!!! :0 
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all your art is stunning, and so beautiful! love it! <3
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My favourite kind of dragon <3 <3 <3
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   That's absolutely beautiful
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Woow, i love this so much!!! Very good work!!! :clap: :clap:
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Do the art you want to do.  If this is the result of you NOT recording, then recording can get stuffed.  
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Super late to the party, but I think I should say this has been my favorite dragon-themed painting in the recent months. The textures everywhere in the piece just blow my mind - especially those pearly white scales and mane. Amazingly well done!
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This is stunning! I love how you did the shading! :)
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i love the way u drew the legs! 
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Holy, epically wondrous! These Ghost-like Ethereal Eastern Dragons are stunning and The Oceanfront Landscape looks incredible. The designs, expressions, poses, interactions, sailing explorer, canoe, lantern, oriental hat, horns, serpent-like tails, head crests, scale pattern, scales, antennas, eyes, whiskers, ears, fur, claws, nails, flight, spirits, water, ripples, waves, reflection, fireflies, mountains, ledges, cliffs, crevices, flock of seagulls, sky, clouds, mist, boulders rock archways, magic, shadows, gleam, glow, movement, effects, flow, realisticness, perspective, atmosphere, textures, hues, concept, composition, uniqueness, style, lighting, colors, and other details are also sensational. Amazingly Radical work! :iconfantasticplz:
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Amazing work! Really beautiful. :)
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Très réussi ! ^^
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Beautiful and stunning. Love this piece so much.
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Your art never fails to amaze me
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On mobile? You replied to me instead of the artist. They'll miss your wonderful comment!
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Stunning work!
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