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from the depths

alternative title: 'oh shit'

program: photoshop
working canvas size: 4108 x 2489, 300 dpi


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fisherman by clockbirds  canyons by clockbirds  revenant by clockbirds  roost by clockbirds 
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© 2019 - 2021 clockbirds
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Absolutely amazing

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fantastic work !!!!!!!

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I would love to see a few more mountains around the dragon to truly convey its size; At this scale, it looks somewhere between whale-sized to I-don't-know-how-big-it's-supposed-to-be ^^;

But hey, lovely doomsday piece.
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For the love of all things, PLEASE make a tutorial! Your art is fabulous!

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that dragon looks both intimating and EPIC :la:
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A very impressive job done on the drawing to say the least good sir!

Although I can't help but feel bad for the little fox that's about to see it's life end! Unless of course! That dragon is friendly plant eating dragon (I highly doubt it is)!

Anyway. A good job done on the artwork Good sir! I do hope you have a wonderful week and Happy Belated Easter to you.
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Loooooove your dragon!
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Fascinatingly beautiful!

Wander Emote: AWW

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"So I'm done for, right" the composition looks great and really gives off in how much trouble this little cutie is in.

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Very beautiful <3
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Please marry me!
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lovin the alternative title
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This is so pretty! I love the colors and the glow
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Alt title: 'the true danger noodle'

Also, Fabulous art as always!!
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Lolllll that alternative title is so me when my eraser smudges! XD 
I absolutely love your art! :heart:
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this is stunning owo S2
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