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Okay so here we go with my "terms of usage" for my textures & photoshop brushes.

:bulletblack: Redistribution of any kind is prohibited, unless given permission.

:bulletblack: If you wish to use anything commercially, you must purchase the full resolution package. Information is available in the author's comment of every submission.

:bulletblack: Minor editing of textures and/or brushes and submitting as different resources is forbidden.

:bulletblack: You may use my textures/brushes for whatever you like on da (including prints and commissions) , credit is not required but greatly appreciated.

:bulletblack: If you use my resources outside of dA, a link back to my dA account is required as well as noting me with your url, please.

:bulletblack: Selling any of my textures/brushes is forbidden.
© 2011 - 2022 cloaks
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I make avs for peeps, do I need to link you ever time? and thankies by the way!! awesome stuffs!

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What would be considered commercially?

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Hello ! I used and will probably use some of your pattern on my toyhouse
Like here toyhou.se/4610320.priam-kasili… ! The credit is at the end
Thank you so much !
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Hi! I used some of your textures in a piece here:

- youtu.be/nYN-GsgtigM
- www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm31525…

Thank you so much for beautiful textures!
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hi! i used one of your textures here, thank you for your great work!
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Hello, I used one of your textures here :) found it really beautiful :)
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Thank you very much!
Used one of your textures outside of dA here: floridecuts.tumblr.com/post/14…
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Your textures are beautiful!
Used outside of dA here:
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Thank you, for your beautiful textures! <3
I want to use your texture/s (non-profit) outside of dA:
► On the Browser-Equideow-Games of Owlient
I think it's better to post the links of every website where I wish to use it; before I have to post it everytime again. I every give your credit on the graphic and down the graphic is a link back to your DeviantART-Account. I hope I made it ok; If not pls tell me.
Many thanks!!!
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Hello, I want to ask you a think:

I'm a colorist, I give it color to some pages of the manga of GO-kfansub (A manga spanish scanlation). If there is it any problem, I wanna to use your textures on my colored pages. Of course, I will upload it to dA and give you credit for that.
But I have a little question:
In that case, it's need  to pass you the url of the website everytime?
Link: www.tumangaonline.com/

P.D.: Sorry for my bad english. I'm mexican QaQ
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hii i used one of your texture :)
I will probably be using your textures for Layouts on this: basically its www.howrse.de/
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Hello!!! I used your textures on my Aph Romano account: romanos-tagalog-blog.tumblr.co… I forgot to tell you, I'm so sorry. Thank you!
Thanks for sharing!!!
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Hello, I used your texture for some of my illustrations (personal and unpaid comissions).
Here is my blog - velvetantlove.tumblr.com/
Thank you!
Cheers :D
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Redistribution of any kind is prohibited, unless given permission.
Is it ok, if I use your textures for backgrouds for my scarf items, for sale.
I made myself personal..it's on private ih1.redbubble.net/image.572951…
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Hello, I want to use one of your textures for a commission on Gaia, do I need to purchase for this?
hello. I'm making some adopts. And I wasn't sure or not if using one of your textures as a background for them would count as commercial use? I'd totally credit you for the texture, but if it is commercial use that's fine, I'll make my own :)
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