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Bloodwork Brushes

Brush set including nine brushes from my Bloodwork Texture Pack.

Simple rules: [link]
© 2009 - 2021 cloaks
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added to my collection,thank you!
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I take this. Thank you :D
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I used it here: Thanks!
ErynnB's avatar
I used your brushes here : [link] thank you ! =D
Pola-chan's avatar
thanks a lot !
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i used this brush in a picture, is that ok?
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if u want to see it, it's the woman in my gallery with the large bat wings and scars
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I used some of your textures as well as this package here: [link]

Thank you!:heart:
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i used the brushes in this preview pic kinda like rain... [link]
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for some reason it will not let me use them on my program.
blackhatpirate's avatar
i saved two so that i could easily link the pics i used them on to you as well as credit nyou thats just what i do i find it politer to credit everything that i use to the original owner.
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i used it in here [link]

thanks for your resource
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Thanks for sharing. I may be using this soon. :love:
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I love you. =3 And I will certainly be using a good number of yer brushes/textures. -dances-
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umm...i just downloaded it an i cant seem to get it to work - i installed in in the brushes folder.
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what version of photoshop are you using?
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that is very odd, they should work. seeing as that is the version i am using currently and it's the version i used to create the brushes...
ThunderEmperorRaite's avatar
oh well
ill figure out something

in any case - thank you for making the brushes! they ROCK!
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try to load them manually. go to the brushes menu and click on load brushes and find them and click on them. maybe that will work.
ThunderEmperorRaite's avatar
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