My thoughts after completing my Gundam costume
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 I completed the Unicorn Gundam Banshee costume finally after I installed the psychoframe lights in the cannon and the head the day before. The Unicorn models (Unicorn & Banshee) really gave me a great challenge and along the way I met up with a lot of obstacles in the making process and in life.

The ...Unicorn models may not have wings or big accessories like some other Gundam costumes I have made, but they are the only Gundams that I found difficult to plan and make. The details are crazy and with the psychoframe lights in so many parts, the mecha cosplay tutorial that I came out with is hardly applicable. With the general drop in quality and variety of stuff like adhesive tapes, spray paint..e.t.c, my costume parts were falling apart even before I could complete them.

One of the issues in life that affected me the most is that I do not have a home of my own. In order not to cause inconvenience to others in the temporary homes (I have been moving to different houses for 2 years), sometimes I will work on my costume after 12am when most people are asleep. A lot of times in these 2 years of making, I felt like giving up. To be more specific, I felt like stopping cosplay totally and live my life as per any other normal Singaporean out there. Work was also pressing hard on me and at times I had to spend sleepless nights working on projects and proposals instead of the costumes. But somehow, I did not give up and I completed Unicorn & Banshee.

Now that when I look back at the time I started the Unicorn project, I still cannot believe that I actually went through the making process. If I look further back to the time when I started cosplaying in 2001, it is like a dream; I do not know how I managed to make 15 mecha and 28 human character costumes while coping with my life. The only answer I have is that God gave me strength to persevere in times of despair and trouble as well as a wife who understands and able to tolerate me. Praise the LORD!

I am glad that finally the world is starting to recognise my works and I am very appreciative to all the organisers who invited me to their event as a guest. I am proud to label myself as a Singaporean when I meet cosplayers from other countries and even more proud to say "This is the mecha cosplay of Singapore." And perhaps because of this sense of identity, I insist on using corrugated plastic and PVC for making my mecha costumes instead of the commonly used EVA/PE/Craft foam/rubber sheet. I hope that I am able to bring glory to my country and inspire more people to make and cosplay mechas. And I also hope that more more cosplayers in the West will get to know that Singapore is an independent country that is not part of Malaysia, Indonesia or China.

I like to take this opportunity to thank my friends who have helped me in these 12 years and of course the LORD for giving me such a great gift of craftsmanship.
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Looking back, it would stagger anyone to try and figure out how they manage to accomplish crazy feats in the middle of dire situations. Truly these things are an absolute triumph of human spirit, Congratulations.
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shinnasuka21Hobbyist General Artist
*claps*congrats on the hard work you put in! >w<
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Congratulations and thank you Clivelee, you've certainly been an inspiration to me :)
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xt-chronosageHobbyist General Artist
With your faith, hard work, perseverance, and generosity on giving tutorials/advise... you sir deserve all the rewards that you have now. Keep inspiring others and keep up with those awesome works!  :D
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I will try my best =)
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Congratulations on your hard work. I certainly enjoyed your awesome gundam cosplays!
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love your gundam cosplays!
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