My Mecha tutorial is COMPLETED =)

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My mecha cosplay tutorial is completed at last! Compiling this tutorial is very challenging to me as there are a lot of methods and experiences that I want to share with everyone.   I hope that I can influence more people to start cosplaying mecha using this tutorial.

Mecha costume making is a way I train my determination and mental tolerance because the process of making it requires a lot of effort compared to most other types of costume.  Being in the suit is also quite a challenge where I have to maintain my balance on high platforms and move around with limited vision.  In making the costume, I identified three points when one will want to give up.  The first point is when the number of tasks involved piled up like a mountain and one will get discouraged by looking at this list.  The second point is when one is halfway through the making process and it seems like there is still a long way to go.  Without will and determination, one will usually stop at this point.  The third point is when the costume is near completion and one has already exhausted him/herself.  But he/she finds that there are still quite a lot of finishing touches to be made.  When one manages to overcome all the negative feelings and competes the costume, he/she will find great satisfaction as well as an unforgetable making experience.

I hope that everyone who uses this tutorial will find it useful and will enjoy themselves in the making and cosplaying process.
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Duo36Hobbyist Artist
Like the help and Ideas you have here but I am Perplexed on how to build a Zaku's Mono eye head to move where I look.
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Fix the Zaku's head on the mecha body but fix the eye to your head.....=)
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You M'Dear, are so incredibly awesome for making this. I've enjoyed it from cover to last page :) Thank you again for helpin us mecha wannabe peoples out.
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Thank you for your support for the tutorial all this while =)
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I just wanted to thank you Miragecld for inspiring me to make better costumes. I am currently putting the finishing touches on a GaoGaiGar costume that uses many of the techniques and tricks you have outlined in this tutorial. If your ever in the USA drop me a line ill buy you a drink!
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I am glad I can be an inspiration =) I will let you know if I am going to USA
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Thank for your work, this will help a lot of costume makers
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I hope it will =)
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insane-blastsoundHobbyist Artist
This is awesome! Thought my planned character is much different from Gundam your tutorial is being a good tutorial for me! Thank you for sharing!
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Thanks and you are welcome =)
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