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Close up shot of Ainz cosplay

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Here I thought the look of Ains would be too complex for a real cosplay, nice work. I only recently found the series on Hulu, and it looks like they are loosing it.

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Do you have any tutorials on how to make the mask and gloves? I had in mind to do a Sans costume, but I need specifics on what the preferred choice is for making bone-like coverings.
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I dun have any tutorial but I can share how I made it....  I use corrugated plastic to form the basic form and structure... added some 0.5 cm thick craft form to form the "bumps" on the supraorbital foramen and contours on the chin as well as creating the teeth... then I wrapped the whole structure with 0.2 cm thick craftfoam to soften or round the edges...

Usually others will sculpt the craftfoam but I choose to do wrapping instead as the curves and bumps will look more natural..
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Hay as long as I get an idea where to start, I am happy, thanks.