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Collab With Aorena by clivedoveislegal Collab With Aorena :iconclivedoveislegal:clivedoveislegal 1 3 Dumbledore's Army Collab Part by clivedoveislegal Dumbledore's Army Collab Part :iconclivedoveislegal:clivedoveislegal 4 1
FF Animatronic Ref: Sally the Snake
:bulletred: Name: Sally the Snake
:bulletyellow: Animal: Yellow Burmese Python
:bulletred: "Scale" colour: Pale yellow with butterscotch patches
:bulletyellow: Eye colour: Black
:bulletred: Programmed gender: Female
:bulletyellow: Programmed personality: Sally is the sunniest serpent you'll ever meet. She's very friendly (A given for the animatronics of the park) and is always the first to greet the guests when they step into Jungle Jim's Jungle Outpost. She's also very gentle and almost motherly so as to keep the kids (and adults) calm. Even when she gets "angry" she never raises her "voice" or  "snaps" at the children. The most she'll do is shake her head or wag her tail with a disapproving look.
:bulletred: Programmed likes: Children, Photographs, "Hugs"
:bulletyellow: Programmed dislikes: Noise & Flash photography. These are her main dislikes as they are given no-no's in the Outpost due to the animals present. Too much no
:iconclivedoveislegal:clivedoveislegal 4 4
FF OC: Jason Jones by clivedoveislegal FF OC: Jason Jones :iconclivedoveislegal:clivedoveislegal 2 0
FF Character Ref: Jenessa Jones
:bulletred: Name: Jenessa Jones (Jen)
:bulletyellow: Gender: Female
:bulletred: DOB: November 6, 1997
:bulletyellow: Age: 17
:bulletred: Sexuality: Heterosexual
:bulletyellow: Hair colour: Black
:bulletred: Eye colour: Black
:bulletyellow: Favourite Robot(s): Frank the Frilled Lizard, Benny the Bat, Otis the Lesser Sooty Owl, Mary the Lamb
:bulletred: Favourite Zone(s) of the Park: Fred's Faztabluous Circus,
:iconclivedoveislegal:clivedoveislegal 1 8
Jason Jones Reacts
:bulletred: Abby Hart: "Abby's okay, I guess. I don't really see her around, but..." He trails off, a bit on edge.
The Camelot-Hollow rivalry was something he was a part of, on account of their rival's popularity. As a Camelot Falconer, Abby was someone Jason felt a somewhat irrational bitterness towards.
"She doesn't talk much, so even if I do see her, I don't really talk to her."
:bulletyellow: Cyric Bachman: "Cyric isn't exactly the model security guard... He keeps wandering off and doesn't wear his uniform all the time... At least the kids enjoy it when he brings his guitar. Management? Not so much."
:bulletred: Zane Martinez: "Oh. Zane." Jason seems to become a bit agitated at the mention
:iconclivedoveislegal:clivedoveislegal 6 59
FF Character Ref: Jason Jones
:bulletred: Name: Jason Jones
:bulletyellow: Gender: Male
:bulletred: DOB: July 4, 1990
:bulletyellow: Age: 24
:bulletred: Sexuality: Bisexual
:bulletyellow: Hair colour: Gray/Silver (Natural color: Black)
:bulletred: Eye colour: Black
:bulletyellow: Job: Haunted House Guide/Actor
:bulletred: Area of Park: Haunted Hollow
:bulletyellow: Personality: Jason is a very friendly person and absolutely adores the kids. While he does his best to keep up the act of an intimidating and spooky villain, he tends to break character the moment a kid starts to cry; then again, it's his job to make sure that the kids are happy and having fun, so it's understandable. He can be very flamboyant and over-the-top with his acts, due to his history in (School) theater.
[Bullet; Red] Likes: Bats, Smiling children, Horror Movies, His job
[Bullet; Yellow]
:iconclivedoveislegal:clivedoveislegal 2 2
Midnight Crew Meme by clivedoveislegal Midnight Crew Meme :iconclivedoveislegal:clivedoveislegal 1 1 Page Of Space (request) by clivedoveislegal Page Of Space (request) :iconclivedoveislegal:clivedoveislegal 3 3
Ch. 8 Love Story [KurlozxReader]
Everyday and night for those three days, the thought of Kurloz alone pained you to no end. Eventually, the three days became a week, then two, then a month later King Makara had not sent anyone to fetch his son. It seemed he couldn't care less if his son were in prison or even dead. You shook the thought from your mind, and decided that tonight, you would see him again.
"Ooh, I'm so glad you decided to go to him!" Meulin squealed with her usuall excitedness whenever it came to romance.
"But my brother is watching him! Do you have a plan?" Calliope asked.
The three of you had gathered in your room, whispering and planning your adventure to see and possibly rescue Kurloz.
"That's why I need your help. Meulin, do you think you could be my look out?"
"Of course!" She chimed.
"But you'll need to be quiet." You added. Meulin was never the best choice to do anything quiet, but what choice did you have? Wait, what is she doing? Her hands were making shapes one after the other, in an almost con
:iconclivedoveislegal:clivedoveislegal 51 32
Ch. 7 Love Story [KurlozxReader]
"Lord Caliborn!" you said with a curtsy. Lord Caliborn was your mother's chief adviser, as well as brother to your tutor Calliope. As usual, he was wearing his green robes with a blood red sash, and followed by an entorage of guards.
"What exactly do you think you're doing? With him of all people?" he sneered.
"We were just-"
"Commiting a very obscene act in public! You're a disgrace to the royal name, ___! Guards, seize 'his highness'."
"What do you think you're doing Lord Caliborn!" You protested.
"It is my duty to keep the order of things around here. He is obviously a hinderance to your royal duties." He sated a matter-of-factly, smirking as you watched them take Kurloz away.
"You can't do that! He's a prince!"
"Ah ah ah. But I must point out to your highness that he isn't here on official buisness and arrived unannounced, and is therefore tresspassing within the kingdom. Now return to the castle. I believe it is time for my dear sister to begin your lessons."
:iconclivedoveislegal:clivedoveislegal 44 36
Ch. 6 Love Story [KurlozxReader]
"Kurloz!" You never thought you would see him again, at least, not after the fiasco at the ball.
"Woud you like me to escort you out of the alleys?"
You nodded. It wasn't exactly a daring rescue on a steed, but at least you had your dashing prince. Holding your hand, he lead you through the alleyways, he tripped on a loose cobblestone.
"Are you okay?" You asked, holding out your hand which he took gratefully.
"I'm fine, thank you princess." He said as you helped him to his feet. "Argh...!"
"Are you hurt?" You said, reaching down to check his foot.
"I... I just twisted my ankle. We're almost back to the square. I'll be fine." He said right before tripping again into your arms, almost knocking you over.
"Nonsense! Here, rest on my shoulder."
Together, you resumed your walk through the alleys, and before long you heard and saw all of the chatter and energy of the people in the village square. You brought him over to the edge of the fountain to let him rest his ankle when out of nowhere a
:iconclivedoveislegal:clivedoveislegal 39 26
Ch. 5 Love Story [KurlozxReader]
Dear ___,
Everyday that passes, I seem to loathe my father for his meaningless anger towards you and your mother, but when I think of you, and the thought of one day seeing you again, all my hate dissapears. I promise, no I make a Royal Promise, that I will come for you.

You patted Archemedes, the messenger dove that Meulin gave you. Everyday, you and Kurloz exchanged letters. You treasured those letters, your only link to him.
You saw Meulin's head poking into your room, along with Calliope, your tutor.
"What are you two doing here?"
"We're taking you to the market!" Meulin quipped.
"You're out of bread you know." added Calliope.
"Did you tell mother?"
"She said it'll be good for you to see your subjects."
"Let's go!"
As you made your way through the market, you passed stalls of vendors, with wares of all shapes and sizes. In awe of all the energy around you, you were bound to miss something.
"I think I dropped my coinpurse somewhere!" Calliope said, rummaging t
:iconclivedoveislegal:clivedoveislegal 39 15
Ch. 4 Love Story [KurlozxReader]
Together, you and Kurloz watched the fireworks, the colors blending in the evening skyline. You stole a glance at him. Somehow, being with him made things so calm. You were just taking in the atmosphere, the feeling you had at this very moment.
You snapped out of your trance.
"You know our parents hate eachother, right?" Kurloz said, causing you to sigh in frustration.
"Yes, they do. I can't see why they should." You gazed up at the fireworks, tears welling up in your eyes. You thought Kurloz was wonderful! He made you feel as if you were walking on air, and you loved it. In fact, though it had only been a few hours, you were starting to love him.
"You're nothing like your mother, did you know that?"
You laughed. "Is that a compliment?"
He chuckled in reply. "Seeing as you're not a 'blind old bat' I'd say so."
"Well you're not a 'psycho clown' as mother would say."
"I'm not a clown kind of guy. Have you ever heard of mimes?" He asked, getting up and pretending to b
:iconclivedoveislegal:clivedoveislegal 50 41
Ch. 3 Love Story [KurlozxReader]
"What's wrong with Kurloz?" you asked, only a tinge of anger revealed in your voice. It's not like he's evil or anything!
She sighed. "I'll explain to you later. I don't want you to make a scene." And with that, she returned speak to the kings and queens of the other kingdoms.
You were about to stomp off in a huff, but Meulin soon stopped you.
"___!" She squealed. "Well? How was your dance?"
"Which one? Prince fish-face, or fairy-butt?" You asked sarcastically.
She batted your arm. "You very well know who I mean! Prince Kurloz!"
"I'll tell you after the banquet. If I don't 'get back in line' or whatever mother says, she'll have my hide!"
*ting**ting**ting* "Alright everyone, dinner is served!"
You, along with the other princes and princesses took your seats at the table across from that of the kings and queens. The feast was equisite, featuring dishes from each of the different kingdoms; twelve all in all. The hall was full of the klinking of glasses, the chatter of stories, the
:iconclivedoveislegal:clivedoveislegal 47 21
Ch. 2 Love Story [KurlozxReader]
"The pleasure is all mine." You said with a curtsy.
Just then, the music started up again.
"Printhethh Meuilin, would you danthe with me?" asked Prince Mituna, reaching towards Meulin.
"Oh my gosh, the two of you should dance together!" Meulin not-so-quietly whispered.
"Well princess?" said Prince Kurloz, holding out a hand. "Would you care for a-"
"Hey kitten! Wanna dance?" Suddenly you were whisked away by Prince Cronus, who began twirling and dipping you in time with the music.
When the song ended, you tried to make your way back to where Kurloz was before. To your surprise, he was still standing awkwardly in the exact same spot. You walked a bit faster, but as luck would have it, you felt a hand on your shoulder.
"Dance with me doll?" Prince Rufioh asked, trailing of at the end. It would be rude not to, so you took his hand. The two of you danced around the ballroom, his movements so fluid and graceful it was almost as if he was flying. Once again, the song ended, he bade you farew
:iconclivedoveislegal:clivedoveislegal 49 20


Tower Base  ((NOT MINE)) by HomestuckxYOUbase Tower Base ((NOT MINE)) :iconhomestuckxyoubase:HomestuckxYOUbase 221 16 Sister by Lt-Hokyo Sister :iconlt-hokyo:Lt-Hokyo 84 123 Pirate Wars by Lt-Hokyo Pirate Wars :iconlt-hokyo:Lt-Hokyo 126 130 Wish you were here by Lt-Hokyo Wish you were here :iconlt-hokyo:Lt-Hokyo 68 133 APH Philippines profile card! by melondramatics APH Philippines profile card! :iconmelondramatics:melondramatics 143 79 Every Spring by Arkham-Insanity Every Spring :iconarkham-insanity:Arkham-Insanity 687 75 WhenBatterPurifiesEverythingNTheresNothingLeftToDo by arcanehalo WhenBatterPurifiesEverythingNTheresNothingLeftToDo :iconarcanehalo:arcanehalo 112 19 DaddyLucius' Hetalia Meme! by DaddyLucius DaddyLucius' Hetalia Meme! :icondaddylucius:DaddyLucius 42 14 1st PPG Drawing by CMcC 1st PPG Drawing :iconcmcc:CMcC 6,559 1,329 The dark cirsus .:open colab by FaithForTheFallen The dark cirsus .:open colab :iconfaithforthefallen:FaithForTheFallen 25 124 [HETALIA OC] Philippines by melondramatics [HETALIA OC] Philippines :iconmelondramatics:melondramatics 104 51
RWBY OC Bio Template
Introduction: A nice tid-bit to grab readers attention.
Name: FOLLOW. MONTY'S. RULES! Don't make me hunt you down with a freaking blood houd because you didn't get/listen to his memo! I I'll do it. I can't tell you how much this bugs me. For those who haven't read it, you can find it here. Consider these rules as divine orders from your Supreme Commander Oum. OBEY THEM!
Age: Now, what I've seen so far is most OC characters head of to little adventures at Beacon, so their age would be around 17-19, but don't limit yourself! Honestly, I find that sort of setting overdone. There is so much more in the RWBY verse than just Beacon, and you could find hardened criminals or bounty hunters of all ages!
Color: Self explanatory. You'd better freaking obey the rules or I will find you. Seriously, though, no one loves a party pooper. But for
:icona-flyer:a-flyer 946 815
Harry Potter Collab FOREVER OPEN by silver-gaze Harry Potter Collab FOREVER OPEN :iconsilver-gaze:silver-gaze 51 151 IT'S THE MASSIVE LAYTON COLLAB BACK FROM NOWHERE by 0-MidnightBioshock-0 IT'S THE MASSIVE LAYTON COLLAB BACK FROM NOWHERE :icon0-midnightbioshock-0:0-MidnightBioshock-0 48 9 Teens Next Door by OrionStorm Teens Next Door :iconorionstorm:OrionStorm 2,184 318


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