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Eco Poem: Green Car -Clive Blake Eco Poetry



by Clive Blake


Ban the bomb!
Save the whale!
Please don't step on
That poor snail.

Help the ozone;
Retain your wind,
Don't use aerosols;
They should be binned.

Pesticides are bad,
Composting's good,
And only use soft
Sustainable wood.

Leave forests alone,
Stop 'slash and burn',
From our past mistakes ...
Can’t we all learn?

Save endangered species,
Give them some space,
Help them compete
In an unequal race.

Recycle your waste,
Throw nothing away,
It'll come in useful
One fine rainy day.

Single-use plastic
Is clogging the seas,
We must all change our ways
For our planet’s sake – please.


A rover you were, all your working life,
But your conscience caught up with you,
You chose honourable re-tyre-ment and
You're now green through and through.

Once you greedily thirsted for petrol,
But finally kicked the habit,
And you now partake of fresh country air,
Just as rural as any wild rabbit.

In the past your throaty engine's roar
Out-decibeled the traffic's bustle,
But you now much prefer to listen to
The dry, restless leaves which rustle.

Alas your coachwork no longer gleams,
But you still retain all of your pride,
It's just your wish to be at one with nature,
As everything else you've tried.

A frosty morning is no deterrent,
To a well-seasoned convert like you,
It's just an unavoidable prelude,
To the sparkling spring-time dew.

Your days of road rage long since gone,
When you used to speed and scramble,
You're now content to pull to one side,
And be overtaken ... by a bramble.


Mankind seems oblivious
To Nature’s pleading cries,
Mankind seems oblivious
When Nature ups and dies,
Mankind seems oblivious
To its carcass filled with flies,
Mankind seems oblivious
To God’s wrath above the skies.

Man can only think of seeking treasure,
Man can only think of funding leisure,
Man can only think of his own pleasure.

Oblivious to Nature’s sighing,
Oblivious to Nature’s crying,
Oblivious to Nature’s dying ...


One night …
I thought I’d glimpsed the future,
In a nightmarish scene,
Where lives were sad and pointless
And life was simply mean,
Where people feared the future
And craved the world’s past,
Where people wanted answers
And then these questions asked:
“Where are all the insects?
 Where are all the birds?
 Where are all the fish and
 Where are all the herds?”
Sadly, there were no answers,
Sadly, there were no words …


Monolithic steely strides;
Cables strain, whilst nature hides,
Arms outstretched from metal sides,
A buzzard glares as by he glides.

A pylon dwarfs a nearby tree,
But makes no home for bird nor bee,
Landscape ruined, just so that we
In idle warmth ... can watch TV!


Millions used to roam across Africa’s plains,
But, sadly, not one Gazebo still remains,
Yes, unfortunately, they are now extinct,
Their fate and Man’s greed, clearly linked.

Treasured for their waterproofed hides,
Used as Marquees by jetsetters and blushing brides,
Eyelets used to mask inappropriate holes,
Their thin straight legs used as supporting poles.

The world’s appetite for awnings was immense,
Pressure on their survival became too in-tents,
Most were poached - but some were boiled,
Corruption rife and palms were oiled.

Did I detect tears in Attenborough’s eyes,
As his films captured the Gazebos sad demise?
Let the whole world learn from this,
Not allow species to head into an abyss,
Never let us again, our powers abuse,
Just so we can enjoy shaded barbeques!


When the wisest man in the world said
"It would be a tragic shame if ever
The Great Forest were to be reduced
To a small clump of trees."
Everyone, without exception, answered
"It certainly would."

So when The Great Forest
Was eventually reduced
To a small clump of trees,
That is what they decided to call it ...
It Certainly Wood.


Man’s engineered structures built with pride,
Are no long-term match for wind and tide, Relentless wind and waves combine,
To create a force not bound by time,
And King Canute can, of course, testify,
That their supremacy you cannot defy,
So all promenades reaching from land to sea,
Are doomed to disa-pier, eventually.

Cometh climate challenge, cometh the hour,
Urgency dictates we harness their power,
We need to ditch our reliance on fossil sources,
And take full advantage of nature’s forces,
So let wave-floats bob and wind blades rotate,
For we must change our ways, before it’s too late.


Although Mother Nature
Has been raped and abused,
Her basic laws ignored,
So misread and confused,
Our living world remains
A most beautiful place,
A jewel that stands out
From the darkness of space,
Help her to recover;
Nurse her back to full health,
For without her, how empty ...
The illusion of wealth.


Another 'Major Improvement' ...
This time it's a road,
Another victim croaks his last,
Goodbye Mr Toad ..!

Cornish Poet Clive Blake
You can contact me via my website:

I am happy for schools, colleges, universities, charities and individuals to use my poetry, as long as I am credited as  the author and they are not used in any commercial or inappropriate way.

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that rover looks alot like the one ole maggie owns out in tennessee.