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Mater Motley

By CliveBarker
Oil on canvas portrait from Abarat
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© 2012 - 2021 CliveBarker
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simply amazing
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The Hag looks as ghastly as ever. :love:
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She is, for me, one of the most terrifying villains in existence. It has something to do with how her temperament shifts about like quicksilver, and how she looks like she has been sewn together with scraps of corpses.
RyuuseiRosuto's avatar
oooh, the first time I saw her in the book, chills went down my spine. And her.... dress? or is that her skin...?! I love how you can see all the little faces in it.
zyphryus's avatar
I love this character! Just when I think she can't get more EVIL, you make it so. *grin*
Such a fantastic and unique character, beautiful grotesque wondrous.
Indradas's avatar
She is still stichin'. Guess i would meet her again...
Maureen-Mavar's avatar
I still need to find a tattooist to take her on. She is much needed on my back.
MarjorieCarmona's avatar
One of the most scary vilain ever seen, the painting is amazing.
mad-mcgowan's avatar
Wonderful painting that perfectly captures the malcontent and calculating evil of this character!

I love the image that you describe in the books of the giant severed hand that is her throne. Brilliant!
Absolutely stunning.
KINGOOB's avatar
Amazing work! Some really incredible detail!
Van-Dunkelschreiber's avatar
such evil captured in this painting
manda-j-panda's avatar
So cool! I need to find this series again so I can re read it
kaze26's avatar
Pieohpah69's avatar
She keeps them stitchlings pretty tied up!

Another favourite!
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"I need some... special work," I told the Seamstress.

She clicked her jaws, tilted her head.

Describe it.

"I can do better than that," I grunted, lifting the suitcase up, laying it out, popping the seals. The lid creaked back and she bent over to look. An unsettling smile creased her lips.

Of course. For you?

I nodded. Lifted a sleeve, stroked the fingers, noting where a wedding band would go.

"A new skin. This one's... too much to bear now."

Understood. Three days. Payment upon delivery.

I left her there, with the suitcase, with the flesh. Three days. With enough whiskey I could wait that long.
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