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Books of Blood Vol 6

By CliveBarker
Books of Blood Vol 6
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What initially grabs me about this piece is the level of symbolism and suggested narrative in the myriad of intertwining elements. Although dense, the piece is still easy to parse due to the strong focal point created by the 'halo'd' figure in the center and the introduction of warmer tones such as the blood. This piece has a certain 'retro' charm, and I do mean that in the best sense of the word. I'm reminded of the fantastic classic movie posters of John Alvin crossed with the dark surrealism of Giger. Make no mistake though, this radiates Clive and is something only his mind could imagine. If I could humbly provide a few ideas, I feel that the tiger in the lower left is potentially jarring to the composition. This may be the intent but for the uninformed viewer it pulls me away from what I percieve to be the main event. Thank you for sharing your work here on Deviant Art Clive. I look forward to seeing more from you. Your fan - Tyler
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A wonderfully crafted piece of art :) much expression and personality happening,amazing psychology of fear and fear of what will could happen in a unknown moment. AC 
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Great way to Answer a Question.......

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Overall I like this piece though I think the color of the cat throws off balence
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I really like the books of blood but I have them in a two-tome omnibus edition so I hadn't seen this artwork before. It's haunting.
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This is really astounding Clive. I feel as my eyes make a circle I am ripped through not only feeling's of pain but transcendence of an animal nature. Very nicely done
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I love seeing the contrast of your current primal energetic style to these wonderful smaller detailed morsels of symbolism and monsters. Fascinating and fantastic!!!
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Love those tongue-eyes!
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I'm huge fan thankyou for sharing your talents
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You know what the creepiest thing is on there LOL! It's none of the horror stuff it's the stupid tigers weird eyes LOL!
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This is the other cover of one of my books of blood, I think. I love these stories & I love the art on the front. It is such a treat - such a delight - to see the originals. Thank you very much for sharing these with us.
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Even though I have been a fan of your artwork since I first read The Thief of Always, this is the first time I have seen the artwork you did for The Books of Blood. It never ceases to amaze me how the subjects of your artwork blend together in interesting and subtle ways.
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