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Hello about to get clip studio paint. However whats the difference between "Clip Studio Paint PRO Ver. 3.0 Edition" and Clip Studio Paint EX Ver. 3.0 Edition ? All I want is that shading tool that makes shading in colors look easy.

Hi, I need some help with CSP, i've searched for an answer for this and couldn't find any on the net. Problem is with the lines' visual sharpness on various levels of zoom, on some lvl they are nice and sharp and on some blurry, it's driving me nuts. I'm using CSP PRO and wacom cintiq. I dunno if it is a problem with app or tablet. So if anybody maybe had same problem and know solution for this, let me know pls. Thanks

Hi, sorry for the late reply, I was hoping another admin might have had your answer.

I haven't come across this problem myself and I can't suggest a solution.

However, you could post on the community help page and someone in the world might know?

Ok I just tried it and all that stuff i said before and it doesn't work Like i think you want it.

seems the best way to solve the "problem" is by changing your resolution.
change high resolution equal smoother looking lines at various zooms
then change RESOLUTION number to twice or 3 times whatever it's currently set to.
Thanks , problem is while zooming, so for example on 24 % is blurry on 27 % is sharp and on 32 % blurry on  44 % sharp etc.Problem is on vectors too.  Im workin on 2560 x  1440 res cause my shitty graphic card can handle only this. Yeah, problem probably lies in resolution. Thx for help, appreciate that!

If i understand your question I don't know of a way to "fix" it.

That is to say I'm not sure if anythings broken. If you're zooming in the lines may look a bit softer if you're using the non-vector line tools.

Or line tools with soft edges.

But If you use the vector line tools, then the lines should be clean no matter the zoom.

the other issue that comes to mind is that it might be your computers render speed.

to check it see If when you change the zoom and then -Wait a Bit- do the lines become sharper? or stay blurry?

Other than that I'm not sure.

you might want to post the question to the guy in the video below.



Vector LAYERS is what i meant to say
tools on the vector layer