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30 Portraits Challenge - Day 25 by Blacleria 30 Portraits Challenge - Day 25 :iconblacleria:Blacleria 63 8 Lunchtime Sketch- NO CAPES! by petewoods Lunchtime Sketch- NO CAPES! :iconpetewoods:petewoods 20 1 Floating by Porforever Floating :iconporforever:Porforever 578 92 The Prodigies #1 (Back cover) by dartbaston The Prodigies #1 (Back cover) :icondartbaston:dartbaston 56 13 Widowmaker Trickshot color by VanAnimation Widowmaker Trickshot color :iconvananimation:VanAnimation 168 15 Samurai Guy by FreeMech Samurai Guy :iconfreemech:FreeMech 181 4 The New Lightning by tommasorenieri The New Lightning :icontommasorenieri:tommasorenieri 802 109 Don't look up... by DiegoLlorente Don't look up... :icondiegollorente:DiegoLlorente 375 46 Ranger by Toramarusama Ranger :icontoramarusama:Toramarusama 175 7 Lux The lady of luminosity by LaikenDesignz Lux The lady of luminosity :iconlaikendesignz:LaikenDesignz 59 5 Kakashi Hatake by LaikenDesignz Kakashi Hatake :iconlaikendesignz:LaikenDesignz 29 2 Lightning - Amore Suit by tommasorenieri Lightning - Amore Suit :icontommasorenieri:tommasorenieri 417 53 Digital Painting of 'Tinashe' by LaikenDesignz Digital Painting of 'Tinashe' :iconlaikendesignz:LaikenDesignz 18 6 [Fujian] by l-aciel [Fujian] :iconl-aciel:l-aciel 60 1




30 Portraits Challenge - Day 25 by Blacleria
Lunchtime Sketch- NO CAPES! by petewoods
Floating by Porforever
The Prodigies #1 (Back cover) by dartbaston
Brushes Patterns tones etc
New brush - Clip Studio Paint by Sebijy
Free brush pack Clip Studio Paint by Sebijy
Make a custom brush and texture Clip Studio Paint by Sebijy
Brush Textures For Download free by AdvanceRun
Simple lineart trick by looji
Building a Reference - Tutorial by CatharsisGaze
Studying Light at the Eye level - Above by UnorthodoxThing
Semi-realism and Realism
Rgd-20190529-sea Eva by CarterPhotography
Hitsu Portrait by Maari-Erein
Lisa by AliceWithHare
Tsubasa kiss by SilverTES
Cartoons and Comics
MOCC2 L'Epex vs Force Majeure Page 13 by ADE-doodles
Lunchtime Sketch- Big Barda by petewoods
Kamau: Quest for the Son p65 by Kebiru
Black Beetle Fan Art/Comic by JoeSCartoons
Anime and Manga
C: Belle'lia by The-Moonbound
Runa (COMMISSION) by Lilianei
Miku redraw^^ by Elika24
Toga himiko by Lyunnala
inks tones art
Black History: Augusta Chiwy by Kebiru
Scarred by Acaciathorn
Evil Mugen by SilverTES
Saturday-AM Heroes// Cast the Clock Striker! by SoulBeatManga
Animation and Other styles...
Soul Eater Maka and Crona Walk Cycle by Yuki-Neh
Rory mercury vector animation test  [Update] by Yuki-Neh
NGNL draft animation test by Yuki-Neh
animation35 by Lzyboost
ALL CSP MS welcomed
humans die so easily by NxtLevi
Mage by karimatts
Maccow by nanobot2d
Painting Realistic Manga Portrait/SORA by THEJETTYJETSHOW
Animals and Creatures
Eli'maar by TitusWeiss
Commission: Basking by SilverSugar
Serval Portrait by TitusWeiss
Eli'maar by TitusWeiss
University work- animation WIP by dishwasher1910
Sketches and Roughs
Daily Sketch 55 Yoko by THEJETTYJETSHOW
Fan Art
Eri Kasamoto from METAL SLUG by abk94

Group Info

Hello and welcome! This group is for artists who acknowledge and support the software Clip Studio Paint/Manga Studio. Be it PRO, EX or DEBUT.

Individuals who have the program, planning to get the program or are interested in it in general are all welcome to join the group.
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Oct 30, 2014


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Welcome to ClipStudioPaint!

Be it PRO, EX or DEBUT (or Manga Studio any version) - this group is for everyone who enjoys using CSP, planning to use it and/or like the software in general.
Read the Rules and Guidlines and please follow them.


General Rules and Guidelines

:bulletpurple: This is a given, but do please follow the regulations and ToS of deviantART; you can find the Help and FAQ here and the Terms of Service here
:bulletpurple: This is a given as well, but please be nice, polite and respectful to each other; the last thing we want is a heated argument
:bulletpurple: Please do not distribute and/or promote any illegal links that include installers, patches, cracks or serial numbers in this group; refer to FAQ #501
:bulletpurple: To join, click "Join Our Group" and you will be automatically accepted.
:bulletpurple: I have the right to add more rules if it's needed


Submission Rules and Guidelines

:bulletpink: Works that can be submitted here were either done with CSP alone or at least 50% of them. Mention in the Description or the Tags that you used Clip Studio Paint for the drawing you want to submit.
:bulletpink: Please do not submit deviations that do not belong to you; refer to FAQ #8, FAQ #304 and FAQ #572
:bulletpink: Please submit your deviations to the correct folders. If you're not sure where to submit it feel free to contact the Group Admins via a Note and we we'll help.
:bulletpink: The 'Mature' folder can be used to deviations containing mature contents, but please keep in mind that you are not allowed to submit any pornographic works; refer to FAQ #565
:bulletpink: If your artwork got declined, please do not take it personally and get sad or angry. We will try and notify you about the mistake so you can resubmit you're art as soon as possible.
:bulletpink: There is no limit on uploading your drawings to the Group but keep in mind that we (the Admins) have to look at every single peace and accept it so it may take a while.
:bulletpink: If you have questions feel free to send a note to the group.


NOTE: We are not employees of Clip Studio so we don't know about upcoming sales, events etc. before the official CSP Sites post it. Please keep this in mind.

Some of the following information are from CSP's official website and other sources.

:bulletblue: What is Clip Studio Paint?
    Clip Studio Paint is a software application for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. It is a paint tool developed by Celsys used for the digital creation of illustrations, comics, manga and so on. It is often confused with Paint Tool SAI, but it is a different software.
    You can visit their official website here.

:bulletblue: What are PRO, EX and DEBUT?
    Those are the names of the 3 models for CSP.

:bulletblue: What is the difference between PRO, EX and DEBUT?
    PRO: Professional edition equipped with all the functions required for manga drawing
    EX: Top edition incorporating premium functions for manga drawing such as page management
    DEBUT: Basic edition complete with the standard functions for manga drawing, though it is not sold separately
    For more information and functions about the versions click here

:bulletblue: Is there a trial version?
    Yes, there is. The trial version is downloadable here. However, you cannot save your works with the trial version.

If you want to know more about Clip Studio Paint, visit their Support page. :)
Hi Everyone,
Just an update/reminder on submissions to the group.
At this point All Submissions are ACCEPTED, but only through the "SUBMISSIONS 2: ALL Clip Studio Paint Welcomed" folder. The Admins will then move submissions into appropriate Gallery categories after review. The only exception to this are submissions to the "Tutorials, tips, etc" folder, which also remain opens to everyone's submissions directly.
And remember, the group is for ANY work created using Clip Studio Paint or Manga Studio 50% or more. Any version, any portion of art.
Also each image MUST mention in the Description or the Tags that you used Clip Studio Paint or Manga Studio creating the art you submit. PLEASE Check your art to make sure you've mentioned in the Description or the Tags that it was made with CSP or MS. We don't want to remove any art from the galleries.
We use to inform people of removals but there are simply to many submissions and not enough admins so we we simple DELETE art from the galleries that do not mention Clip Studio Paint or Manga Studio in the Description and/or the Tags. So please check that your submissions are OK.
Looking to forward to seeing more art!
and all the best
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JuliaMersmann Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2021  Professional Traditional Artist
Heyhey. My art just expired. Since there are many dead ones among my group I just wanted to ask: Is this group stil alive? Thank you! :-D
Iduna-Haya Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi :) Can I ask if the group is still active? Unfortunately my recent submissions all expired. 
007mitchellq Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2021  Student Digital Artist
007mitchellq DA avatar by 007mitchellq like my avatar? what do ya think? 
ChiranasDraws Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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Your folder for all submissions welcome are full.
Nixkrow Featured By Owner Jul 22, 2020
  Tai  And  Metalgreymon by Nixkrow  
Untraceablemystic Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2020  Student Traditional Artist
Hi , can you answer a question for me? I have clip studio ex for my PC  but for some reason , I have "buy paint: in my menu. it is also giving me payment optioons , Is clip studio making me do a monthly subscription?

Do I have to do this to keep clip studio?
JuliaMersmann Featured By Owner Edited Apr 7, 2021  Professional Traditional Artist
Clipstudio has basically two kind of money: GOLD and Clippies.

You can buy GOLD with real money... it's a one-time-purchase. No monthly subscription

You can buy around 1500 Clippies for 200 Gold, but only once per month. If you have GOLD left on your account this subscription will automatically commence the other month, but if you dont have any gold it is cancelled automatically.

With Gold and Clippies you can buy materials and copyrighted stuff on "Clip Studio Assets". 
Additional brushes, 3DMaterials etc.... they come in handy at times, but they are not necessary.

Also you can earn Clippies by having a shop and selling material to the other users, so you don't have to spend money for this either.

This is a long answer to your question but: No. You don*t have to do a monthly subscription for ClipStudio. They just decided to have a kind of complicated system for their shop using two different fantasy-currencies. :-P
Katarina-Kirishiki Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
Where do you use it on (iPad or PC?) and where did you buy CSP from.
as far as I know you should not have to switch to a subscription plan if you have bought the program via the official website and have got a code. 
Untraceablemystic Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2020  Student Traditional Artist
I bought it from the official site and have it on PC.
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