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✨ Commission info is relevant in 2022 ✨
I work on orders only in my SPARE TIME. So, please, be patient. 
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Bullet; Black Contact me -
Bullet; Black It will be great, if you provide references (both pictures and texts will do). The more, the better;
:bulletblack: Any crucial edits (in pose, outfit, etc.) after approving a final sketch will cost extra;
 If you want a version with a transparent background, tell me about it in advance;


These are the prices for ONE character. 
Each characters on ONE ART are paid SEPARATELY.

Target DETAILED ART (colored)
2500 x 2500 pix (or more) 
File: PNG

BUST  - 150 USD  Bullet; Red  HIP UP - 200 USD  Bullet; Red  FULL BODY - 250 USD
BACKGROUND (detailed) + 50 USD

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 PAYMENT: I'll start drawing only after you send me 100% of the payment. 
Bullet; Red All prices in American dollar USD;
Bullet; Red PayPal only.

Bullet; Orange  I am making a line sketch and send it to you to make sure the composition looks nice to you;  
Bullet; Green  After the first step is approved by you, I start preparing colored sketches and sent them to you once again, we discuss them and I change something if there is a need for it;
Bullet; Blue  After you've approved both composition and the color scheme, I complete the painting and send you a final version of it via

Thank you for your attention!

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hohoh im totally here for novemebr 26


Can I claim a spot for your commissions?

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-kicks down door- I’m totally interested!

Rare-Imaging's avatar

are we open!!!

id love a slot!

ima send a note in a few

Rare-Imaging's avatar

Hnnng -keeps a lurking for future coms-

graydama's avatar

I see that it says commissions open but below that it is closed so I'm going to assume it's closed. Lololol X'D I will try for next time! >w< :heart:

Clioroad's avatar

I'll close it today, but you can still take a slot. (●'◡'●)

graydama's avatar

I'd love one thank you!!! QAQ ❤❤❤ I'll send an email over as soon as I get home today! :hug:

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Oooooh! I am so glad I found your work! Definitely going to be stalking for commission openings now. <3 I'll have to set an alarm for 12:01 AM on October 3rd to send an e-mail. =P

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Rare-Imaging's avatar

Lol oops cap lock xD

sent a email to ya

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wow dang, i would love to commish you!
Rare-Imaging's avatar
-runns in screeing- i would love to get another com from ya clio <3
oXFeYXo's avatar

Good Evening~ Just discovered your work; It's lovely~

Do you perhaps have an estimate on when you might take more work?

Thank you.

Clioroad's avatar
Good time.
Thank you!

On 25-26 January 2020.
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Oof, I didn't even know these had reopened because the journal never appeared in my notifs-
graydama's avatar

Sent an email! >w< :heart: :heart: :heart:

Chib-G's avatar
Email has been sent! //excited
Although, it was sent a bit earlier than the official opening but I hope that's alright! 
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I assume it opens today? sent an email~! 
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Are you willing to do couple scenes? If so, what is your pricing for thigh up?
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Yes, I do. Each characters are paid separately.
Two characters on one hip up art  - 100$ x 2 - 200$
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Can you please let me know when these reopen? qvq
Clioroad's avatar
26 september, I hope.
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