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Triton Fortune Hunter - MTG

Created for the Theros card set from the game Magic: The Gathering. I was excited to see that they had included my image in the spoiler images released to give players an idea what Theros will be like.
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Omg this gorgeous !!Oops!   
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so great . did u use photo manip for the water and waves ? or u did them by painting sir? 
This is pretty cool  :)
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*tunes in Pacific Rim battle theme song for epic Kaiju battle*
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very awesome. keep it up :D
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Great piece of work!
Thanks for sharing...
Featured in Daily Inspirations in
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amazing color and composition!
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THis is a pretty bad-ass character the colors are what really caught my eye I must admit. Very nice
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Is he a legendary creature or a planeswalker? He looks too awesome to be a common merfolk.
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No, I'm afraid he is neither legendary or a planeswalker.
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Yeah... I guess I should have been able to tell by his name. Anyway I went through your gallery and rather than just leaving a lot of comments spamming your inbox, ill just leave one here telling you that I think theyre great. Also its incredibly fun, to actually recognise so many of those works because I have the cards.
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nice one I like it :D

and may I add: I can't wait for Theros to come out, I need something on Divine-Level to beat those Eldrazi to a pulp
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amazing work :la:
i'm so sorry for the Late comment 
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Reminds me of a Drell.
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this piece is insane, i love it+fav Clap So happy 
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The colors in this piece are amazing! I love how much detail you were able to capture in such simple brush strokes. :)
really amazing work here, I love the laurel.the sword, water, colors, architecture and the merfolk himself are all amazing. seriouslly the colors are spectacular to look at,
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