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Time Spiral - MTG

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This was an update to the old Time Spiral card for Magic: The Gathering Online. It was a treat to get to work on it as it's more abstract and surreal than the standard commissions. Fellow MTG artist Christopher Rush who illustrated the original Black Lotus and designed the mana symbols passed shortly before I began this piece so the black lotuses with their drifting petals are a tribute to him. Seemed fitting on a piece about turning back time.        
There are no plans I know of that this piece will be printed but I hope it will be one day, I rather like it.
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Beautiful work !
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God! i love your work
Are there any plans to make this into a playmat any time?
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Excellent job.

R.I.P. Christopher Rush and Wayne England
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Damn.  Love it!
KristinaDjordjevic's avatar
I really like this one, might be one of my favorite of your paintings!
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Wow, that looks pretty amazing! :D
Kaedegirl's avatar
beautiful illustration :D 
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This is a brilliant piece in both technique and meaning. The homage makes it all the more beautiful. My sincere congratulations.
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awww man, rush died? how did I not hear about that.  Sad.  This is an awesome piece though, there are lots of layers of action, and I like the more complex tone. I wish mtg would have more art like this, the abstract and surreal of the old cards feels much richer then the new sets very literal take.  With the three females in different states of time reminds me of Fates (I forget their names at the moment)
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It's stunning. 
this looks awesome!!
great picture!!
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Maybe it'll get printed in a digital-only or giant novelty size format.
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that look fantastic !
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Thats amazing!!!!😊💐😊💐😊
Caller-of-Storms's avatar
Wow, this is super pretty! Maybe a print or playmat?
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First of all, great composition! This must have taken some time to plan, it works very well and tells quite an awesome story!

I must say, your Patreon link seems to be broken as it says page cannot load. 
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Glad you like the piece :)
Apparently links won't work if you put four w's instead of three. Who knew?
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oh, that explains it. haha

Glad you sorted that out
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This is so freaking rad!
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