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The Bridge

2000x2000 Stock version ($5) here. Use it on your: game, website, book, art project, etc.
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Great image, perfect foreboding mood. You can see the guy thinking 'Damn. I'm going to have to dump the horse.' Which, yes, sensible, what with the freakishly narrow stairs and bridge. 

I wonder how deep a drop it is... O.O
Hope he isn't afraid of heights!
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dat perspective
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wicked pic, can i use it as reference
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that doesn't look safe O.O
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Wow... This reminds me so much of Shadow of the Colossus... Ahh... Good times... Awesome painting in every way.
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I love Shadow of the Colossus. It's one of the best games ever created, but sadly, I can't play it right now because my friend's borrowing it. :\ Oh well.
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You've got to love anamorphic perspective !
Very cool, I love the bold choice of point-of-view.
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I like the background too, it's awesome... I don't really know if I'd like to cross the bridge or not. Looks unsafe ^^;
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I really like the background! *---*
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The perspective looks maddeningly difficult, but you did a wonderful job. Beautiful!

Anita / Imagothica
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could be directly from one of my nightmares...great!
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You have been featured in my newest journal !!!
>>> [link]
Cheers !! enjoy :heart:
:snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake: :snowflake:
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Wow - that would be one hell of a bridge to cross
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hmmmmm...yep that looks safe XDD
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Amazing artwork! Awesome perspective!
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Very nice texture and contrast *-*
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Awesome. Love the angle it's at. =D
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the bridge seems to go up to high from the starting point
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that was the idea but in retrospect I probably shouldn't have tried it because it's natural to assume both ends are level. oh well.
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