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Shared Trauma - MTG

Completed this illustration for Magic: The Gathering last October and it's just been released in the new green Commander set.
The original brief was more complicated than this scene so the art director allowed me to change it to this. Definitely had some learning experiences during this one :D

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Makes me think of Berserk, and souls getting pulled into the vortex.
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So fucking awesome O.o
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wow! love everything about this one.
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I see it in my dream. White - it's me...
The-Iby's avatar
Awesome colours!
StoneRose98's avatar
this is inspiring to say the least
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This is awesome, it makes me think about the trials and tribulations of people, and myself as well
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Wow! this is amazing! :o
Miracle-overloading's avatar
Oh wow.

I could never figure out what the hell was going on in the art on the original card size.
This is pretty cool!
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<3 LOve, love, love MTG. And I was just commenting about how much I loved this particular artwork.
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Now that is what I call awsome!!!
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The colors really make this. It's really great.
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Awesome Job, really like the folds in the white clothing.
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Very powerful. Thank You
Not only is the universe stranger than we imagine, it is stranger than we can imagine. Sir Arthur Eddington
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when illustrating for MTG how do you know what they want the image for the card to look like?
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Artists are sent a brief describing the scene to be depicted. The general look for places, people, architecture etc. is often already defined in a styleguide which the artist references in order to make sure everything is accurate to that line of cards. The brief outlines the subject, the mood, the focus of the scene and various other pertinent details. A large amount of creative license is allowed however as the background, camera view, specific clothes, time of day etc are usually not defined. A sketch must be submitted and approved before sending the final.
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Amazing, all of your works are really awesome... You know, I've allways loved MTG drawings they're just amazing, and I like to dream that some day I'll be drawing a card! haha :D
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Featured here: => [link] :iconpillowfightplz:
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Thanks for the feature!
kimmie1987's avatar
My pleasure. (=
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This is amasing! I play MTG, and I love your art!
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wow this is crazy great job
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