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Q and A on the Art Industry video

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Clint answers submitted questions on entering and working in the professional art field. Topics covered include clients coming to you for work, looking for work, promoting your gallery, project workflow and more!

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 $10 an hour sounds about right
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Hey Clint. There is a strange cut at 17:48. No big deal, it's easy to guess how the sentence was going to end.

BTW, I really liked that you used $10/h in your rating example.  Stablished artists too often go overboard when giving examples on how to rate for beginners. You were very on the ground with the figures, and I'm sure it will be more helpful that way.
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I think you linked the wrong video.
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I did, thanks for noticing. It's been updated.
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It's cool. Loving your videos, man, especially this one.