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Phantom Archer - LotC

Created for the game Legend of the Cryptids. The brief called for (and I'm paraphrasing) a slender but muscular hero that is both smart and athletic. He's a demigod who is talented with a bow who accidentally killed a relative of the king who then sent a thousand soldiers to kill him. However, he demolished the troops in a single day.
I wondered how one archer could take down a thousand man army then I imagined that he could summon phantom copies of himself that would shield him and fight with him. Art director liked the idea so we went with it.
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targets sighted!
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Hey! it's awesome!
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bam! Nailed it.
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The concept of this is effing awesome! Brilliant work, spooky yet beautiful.
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Damn! That's awsome!
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Such an interesting palette.
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You sir are really talented! Love it :D
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Great color and design.  The composition really moves the eye about nicely.
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Fantastic work, superb design :)
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Thats pretty wicked my friend!
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This is a great example of successful composition. It demonstrates how colors, light and lines can continuously lead the eye around a piece. Very inspiring.
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I really love it *_* good idea for the "phantom" 
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