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Nyxborn Triton - MTG

By ClintCearley
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Another triton, this time for the Born of the Gods block in the Theros set of Magic: The Gathering. The brief called for a triton with "chitinous, seashell-like armor - maybe his markings could be cued off of Thassa's markings. He could be walking out of the ocean". I did armor him up and gave him red markings like his god Thassa. Since he is an enchantment creature he has the Nyx starfield pattern in his shadow. I imagined that an enemy boat came into his waters and he grabbed its anchor and proceeded to beat the ship to pulp with it.

Rarity: Common
Flavor text: "'He is Thassa's. I could not sway him.' - Kiora"
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step one-bestow onto spiteful returned. 
step two-bestow that onto stormtide leviathan
step three-???
step four-muthafukin PROFIT 
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magnificent coloring and lighting
and fabulous scenePanda Bunny Neko Misc Emoji-07 (Applause) [V1] 
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And beat it he did.
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Wouldn't want that guy being mad at me D:
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Looks like you have a talent for those Tritons. I already loved the Triton for Theros, but I love this one even more. That massive body, that face and that anchor. Oh yes, the anchor. Just epic!
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Nice work. The weapon in the picture is an anchor?
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Love it!!!
So amazing! Love 
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Nice dude! I always love designs that incorporate the universe into them.
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This is very good. But I have to share: my first thought was, imagine this guy is a server at Red Lobster: "Yeah, I got yer nut cracker right here, lobster boy." Heh. 
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