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Making Magic Images video

Watch the video on my YouTube channel Swatches
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Take a walk through of the creation of three Magic images in this forty minute video. Successes, oversights and inspirations all get discussed.

For more art talk and tips check out my ebook, The Ten Most Common Mistakes in Digital Painting, here.

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Steampunkeye's avatar
I love this one !!!!!!   mistical maic realistic creature it is the best Thanks!!!!
Tsufuro's avatar
You really should do a few more of these! They were very interesting to watch.
serialbowl's avatar
Thanks for sharing!
Your videos are really helpful. :)
CDrice's avatar
It was a very interesting video! Thank you very much for taking the time to do this and I can't wait what you have in store next. Keep up the great content!
jbballaran's avatar
thank you! wonderful image!
Lelia's avatar
Thank you for sharins, great video :D
saint-max's avatar
amazing, and I kinda like this video process rather than watching a speed up painting with voice over. I think with showing us the steps in this way, you can focus on the important choices you make rather than the technical side of the work.
if you ever go to Gumroad I will fully support you :D
keep it up.
ClintCearley's avatar
Thanks for the encouragement and yes, I am planning some more in depth videos for Gumroad.
elayne-neves's avatar
Thanks for sharing! =)
GarrettPack's avatar
These videos are great. Thank you for putting these together!
JohanGrenier's avatar
wow thank you very much for taking so much time to explain.
Your process is really clear and this is a gold mine of informations, i look forward to see your futures videos :).
fifi-kawaii's avatar
i'm gonna check it out :) 
MarcSolArt's avatar
That was great for all of us, who are dreaming of becoming an artist for Magic, too. Thank you! :)
LeRevenant's avatar
wooow, thank you!
illbatta's avatar
great video, the process is very interesting, makes me appreciate more every detail
TheArtiko's avatar
I love your videos Clint! Keep it up.
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