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Card art for the Shadows over Innistrad set of Magic: The Gathering. The world of Innistrad is Magic's gothic horror realm and I first had the chance to work on it several years ago so going back was fun. That's something I really enjoy about making Magic art, the subjects are constantly changing pushing you to adapt and explore new things or in this case, have a second shot.
The brief called for a skaab with lanterns who would provide light for his mates so I came up with beauty.
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ackelb|Professional Digital Artist
So many lights. Looks hard to render. But you made it very well. Really good job!
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EmofaMorales|Professional Digital Artist
wow! really nice
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c0rwyn|Professional Writer
Niiice. =D 
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It shows that you had fun working on this - the art is very creative and full of character. My favourite detail is, of course, the way the candles are mounted.
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man i LOVE your work !you are fantastic!
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plugaruseby|Hobbyist General Artist
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Jo3-R6e|Hobbyist General Artist
Love the art! I also love the way you portrayed your figure, and especially the various hands holding candles on his back, which along with everything else, looks stitched up like a Frankenstein creation!

I also like your motive behind the pic. I feel somewhat inspired to participate in drawing events or groups to try and vary my art aswell! Yes, being given topics can help my mind expand, and think up new things!
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DarkXYZdrawer98Edited |Hobbyist General Artist
It's in my Deck!!!
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This so awesome! 
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ShadeyStitches|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is a card i will be dying to get this, its absolutely Beautiful PO ICON :happybounce: 
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wafar2798|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
my god the very FACE of that thing just screams pain and suffering... and I LOVE it!!
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IsaacChamplain|Student Digital Artist
oh god! Very inspirational thoughClap Clap Clap 
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Ohthehumanityplz|Hobbyist General Artist
There seems to be several mythical elements in this piece. Colors are well chosen. Rich purples and pinks for the skin and cold blues with grey for the iron. Lighting is well done.
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StriderSoryu|Hobbyist Artist
Cool, dark piece. Love the candle lights on shoulders.
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Katia-Gagne|Professional Digital Artist
Very very cool!
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AllenChilders|Hobbyist General Artist
This so twisted and Awesome!!
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dev4res|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Would not tell about THAT friend to my relatives. Y-ym! Scary, which is good! :D I think I've fainted. 
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MrPony96|Hobbyist Digital Artist
it looks amazing
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Me: Hey, could I get some light? I can't see anything.
It: Here you go.
Me: Tha... OH MY $#%(@$*#$!
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BaltazarHook|Hobbyist General Artist
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Daniclaws|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Damn this is badass. Very nice job.
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