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Gun Poses turnaround Premium Stock

This pack contains 10 gun stock poses in turnaround. Each turnaround consists of eight angles to show the figure in 360˚, even those in mid-air. The pose photos are compiled as Quicktime videos so you can scan through to the desired angle.
Images are approximately 1200px in maximum height/width and while images contain noise they are a sufficient source for pose reference.
Notes: pose 1 is in black in white and pose 4 is missing one angle due to camera malfunction.
Stock may be used as art reference or incorporated photographically into images, both personal and commercial. Images may not be resold or bundled into other stock packs.

Not finding the dynamic mid-action reference I needed I created these (with the aid of the model and photographer) which have come in very useful several times. It's not always about using the entire pose but getting the right foreshortening or the correct leg positioning can be critical. Hope you find them as useful as I have. - Clint

This premium stock is available for 700 points or for $8.95 here.
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I swear to God if this turn into a dumb DA fetish.
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Can you, uh...make this bigger? 
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Very useful thanks!
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I like the stock, but the quality is not very high and wy not put jpegs in the folder instead of movies. 
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Love It! The Poses Are Awesome And The Guy Is Hot lol 
Thanks for the poses
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I definitely didn't just favourite this for a hot guy in underwear o-o
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BTW, quicktime is not the nicest format when using other than a mac. I'd rather have them in a pdf or just a bunch of jpgs.
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I'm pretty sure the model guy had a fun working time.

Looks like a very useful set. Now if I could only remember it exists when the time I need it comes... I really need some sort of trick to organize this material in my mind. :/
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The 360º shooting is a great idea, btw. Did you attend the session yourself or just gave instructions and trusted the photographer?
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awesome:shout:  super awsme
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Guns and Poses... :rofl:
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Ready, set, action. ('''')
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"Max! Dearest of all my friends" (Max Payne 2)
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OMIGAWD!!! this is so helpful. ;_; I've been needing references like this for a while. Thank you~:heart:
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now,it's more convenient
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Trigger discipline! TRIGGER DISCIPLINE!

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