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Grapeshot - MTG

By ClintCearley
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Illustrated for a card in the Modern Masters set of Magic: The Gathering. This was an update of an old card image that had to depict a mage character flicking a deadly red marble-thing at the viewer.
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I love this magical effect! Very cool! +fav 
Nishant321go's avatar
Love it brah! :D they should use this kind of character in the next assassin's creed game :D 
I love this card!!! this is a great picture too!!
SaxonSurokov's avatar
Hi Clint, I love your work, I've watched a lot of the videos on your YouTube channel and haven't really found an answer to my question so far. I was simply wondering on average how much time it takes you to paint a MTG card.
I realize it depends heavily on what needs to be done but something like Grapeshot seems like a good example to get an estimate from.
And I do want to specify that I'm talking purely about painting time, no prep or communication with the company time. Thank you for your time.
LisaTheBold's avatar
Congrats! The art of the card is amazing. It really shows the level of dedication and detail you have with the drawing.
ModernMaking's avatar
this is sick man do you use the drawing pads on your pc ?
InVengefulEmbrace's avatar
I'm sorry to admit it, but it always looked to me like he was holding the thing on a line or chain. The small format really doesn't allow much for details. (This is hardly a real detail, but whatever, the cards are too small for the awesome artwork.)
Bio-1's avatar
cool as shit. any chance we can see a full front back side design of the gear he is wearing?
Jeromy12's avatar
Exactly! Does this guy have a name?
JesKalina's avatar
Fantassssssssssssssstic!!!!!!!!! My favorite art!!!!! Thank you very much for making this art c:
I love the little motion blur. Either that or I'm going blind.
wooh you did the material of his jacket justice
jonadiah's avatar
Wow, you're art is amazing! That face just looks like a photograph, it's that good!
Awesome work, can't wait to see more from you!
Sornek's avatar
it seems rea.
jdavison67's avatar
Nice perspective and depth!
isissousa2's avatar
Love the colors and perspective! Yeah! :D
Keksoe666's avatar
not to say i didn't like the Timespiral-artwork but this is just damn amazing!
Love the hood and all that...sort of reminds of Assassins's Creed, don't know if this was intended but well... it does XD
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Kazemb's avatar
do you do comissions? inbox me your prices if so....
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