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Chen - Artifact

Commissioned work for Valve's new game Artifact. This is the hero illustration of Chen who is a paladin of sorts. The character design was based on the pre-existing in-game model though I was authorized to add minor details to bring the piece up to the realism they were wanting for this image. I also did his action card Hand of God.
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Dayuuuuuuuuummmmm!! Sexy strong..HUNKY..just wow!
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You were commissioned for art from a major game company? Neat!
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Yeah, that's my occupation :)
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Damn! This is so badass! Very well done.
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Valve's still making games? I thought they stopped after Portal.
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Amazing - loving it!  If you have time please give feedback on some of my art. 
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Great picture, but I have to say I don't agree with the naming sense here. I can't imagine this guy being named Chen for some reason. XD
But since you didn't decide on that you only get praise ;).
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You know, I kind of wondered that myself :)
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That goes wayyyyyyy back. See, Artifact is based on DotA 2, which is a valve game developed as a standalone successor to the Defense of the Ancients mod for Blizzard's Warcraft 3. Defense of the Ancients (All-stars) ITSELF was a long-running project handed down through multiple developers over the course of years, and THAT mod was ITSELF an attempt to compile the best attributes of several mods styled after the ORGINAL DotA mod for WC3. So, some of the content included in its legacy is...well, odd, to say the least.

One could say that Chen's an 'Artifact' of a bygone time. :XD:
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Thanks for the history lesson, but What's wrong with the name Chen?
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Nothing per se, it's just a bit disconnected from his appearance and lore as they exist now.

Another fun fact: Chen used to use the Farseer model in the Warcraft 3 version of DotA, so he used to look like this.
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Great! As always:)
looks awesome!
amazing picture!!
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