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Cavern City

I had such an enjoyable time making up all the walkways and bridges and buildings. It's fun to lose yourself in a pic sometimes.
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Offcourse and is just perfect this angient site . You create a beauty painting just perfect.
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This is really great work! I'd love to use it in a cover I'm working on for a fantasy book (and will attribute you in it as the artist) but the buy link above isn't working. I want to give you money as well as credit! Let me know how I can. :)
As others have mentioned, the link to buy it is broken!  I'd like to give you some money for this!
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i ii ii its too good, i i its too good XD very nice peice
I'ts very good.
The link to buy the stock version is broken. Is there another one?
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It is delightful
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I LOVE IT! I LOVE IT! Heart Nuu 
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wow i hate you >:
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Absolutely a beautiful artwork!
Remind me of dark souls by the way! :D
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This is inspiring, eerie, and very, very cool. Headbang! 
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This is just absolutely amazing. It causes so many ideas to just rush to my head.
An ancient city with relics, magic, secrets, history...all lost to time and waiting for brave adventurers to come and find them out.

I could get lost just fantasizing about the possibilities that lie around every corner.
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Oh my god my imagination is just EXPECTING a serpent to lunge at me outta nowhere while I look at this!
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Very nice! Not often do I see such detailed, and convincing, depictions of a fantasy subterranean city! :)
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This looks like it was really fun to do. It'd probably be a pain to do traditionally, though.
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Thank you for letting us add your Amazing work to our gallery! :iconfantasyfans101:
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This is another one of those pictures I wouldn't mind living in
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Beautiful!! i like the colors
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The colors and the lighting and the details are amazing!
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That's really pretty! I love the colors you used :) and the lighting!
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I live here, my house is the tall one on the top left. :U
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This seems to be a place full of mysteries, the ruins of a lost and long-time forgotten civilization? :)
Wow beautiful painting, man! :D
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hello new wallpaper!
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