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Caduceus Clay

By ClintCearley
Started sketching this while watching the latest episode of Critical Role. Cad is such a likable character and played wonderfully by Taliesin Jaffe.
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What program did you use to create this? :D

Olessan's avatar
I love the way you formed texture with directional strokes! It adds a lot of extra eye-catching interest on top of Cad's colours and your overall composition choices.
SomeKindaSpy's avatar
The most wonderful piece depicting Caduceus by far. :)
kaze26's avatar
He almost makes me not miss Molly.  Almost.
xx-phoenixfire18-xx's avatar
Caduceus is so wholesome. 
Still miss Mollymauk though.
Fallingfreely's avatar
I'm SO pumped to see Critical Role fan art from you! *heart eyes*
Rom1-123's avatar
This is beautiful ! The color palette is awesome and I really love his facial expression with this little smile and his kind eyes ! Lovely !
TheO-ddChild's avatar
Ohhh look at him, he's so handsome!! You did such an awesome job!
HamranCreates's avatar
Cool character 👍
DexAntares's avatar
His name is so much fun to say. I've always loved the word "Caduceus" for some reason. Can't help but wonder if his name was inspired by Cassius Clay.
Gulril's avatar
Well that's just great. Very nice.
looks awesome!
great picture!
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