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Bard - Dungeons and Dragons

This is one of several pieces I did for the new D&D material coming out soon but the only image released so far. The brief called for a half human, half elf bard. The style guide outlined the looks for the humans, elves and bard class so it was my job to blend the elements and make something new out of it. The cuts and colors of the clothing remain elvish; the heavy fabrics, leathers and metal reflect the human side. The race of elves he's from are rather androgynous, something I was interested in conveying. The pose and black guitar-thing was inspired by the idea that basically he's a medieval fantasy version of a rock star but instead of traveling from city to city to play music he travels around taking gigs to plunder dungeons. Not that different really. The background was left intentionally blank as they needed it that way for layout in the book.     

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Awesome been looking for a half elf bard picture for d&d ty

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This is by far my favorite picture out of all of the released material so far. The look, the attitude, it's all so telling for the character.  You did beautiful work on this, thank you. 
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Fantastic rendering of the skull and musculature. The clothing does convey weight as you noted. The detail is attentive as each item is not overloaded and contains their own identity.

Everything a bard could ever hope to be.

That is a sweet lute.
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i love this picture its probably my favorite in the whole players hand book
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D&D 5e Players Handbook. 
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Simply amazing! Easily one of my favorite pictures in either the DMG or PH.
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your work is magnific, you could blend both worlds into a new magic and especially elegant side. I bought recently the book , and i fell in love with your work.
this is so cool, to find this on the internet and the artist after seeing it in the player's handbook
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Easily my favorite picture in the Players handbook.
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This picture and the whole 5e is fantas(y)tic.  
Like a medieval rockstar with a six strings mandolin. :)
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This is a fantastic piece! :D
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I gotta say: all that you said in your description was the first things that I thought when I looked at your art in the book (androgynous half-elf, "electric guitar" style, elvish-like clothes...), and there is nothing in the page that even mentions such things. So, yes, not only a great/awesome art, but also an incredible work in putting a whole concept you conceived in your mind into ink. 
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looks nice and an interesting fact about the game. I really like how you did this.

I'm still trying to learn more about the game dungeons and dragons and interested in it and also making my own manga series based in it.

here are some samples if you want to look at it:………

overall, I really like your picture of the Bard and the information.
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I love this take on the class!  Very nicely done.
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I look forward to seeing the other pieces!
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Amazing character design ! From the design to the actual execution of the concept, this is excellent work. I also liked reading your explanations on the brief and the choices you've made to respect it, it was very instructive :)
If I wanted to nitpick I'd say that maybe the hands could have been a bit more detailed, but hands are a pain to paint so... =p
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I like it very much! It has a traditional feel , like It was made on watercolors :)
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Looks like he's about to pull a Townshend with that guitar.
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awesome job!
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You nailed that androgyny! First glance brain said hey look at that woma.... hold on, its a ma ... no wait ...whats going on here!?
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