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Tbh I'm extremely scared of large moths. Usually because they come out of nowhere, are large, and fuzzy.
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Can I just cuddle this adorable moth?

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Only if you provide lamp :)

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Somehow you seem to draw all my favourite pokemon. I love your adorable art ;w;

(And I, too, am terrified of moths ... but for some reason I love volcarona XD)
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haha thank you <3
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This is my favourite Bug-type! :)
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Oh my god this is adorable :D (Big Grin)  Amazing work!Is it okay if i recreate it as pixel art in Minecraft?
Clinkorz's avatar
Sure, go for it! Link me when you're done, I'd love to see a screenshot!
MasterMiner34's avatar
Ok! Thanks so much!:D (Big Grin) 
You are so skilled at theses I always say aww evreytime I see one
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I have been waiting so long for Volcarona! ;___; Will you make him a print and possibly be at A-Kon or San Japan this year? I need to buy this xD
Clinkorz's avatar
I'm waitlisted for Akon but hope to go!!! I do have a print of him though <3
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Fluffy, Naturally warm, this bug was made to be snuggled.
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Especially now :3
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Love how you've done the eyes
Clinkorz's avatar
Thank you! They were the toughest part!!
LilDBZbuddy89's avatar
You're more than welcome :)
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large moths sometimes startle me. They are cute but a bit too big
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Haha even small moths terrify me. Not sure why. I mean I still save 'em if they're trapped in the house...but I do that with spiders too and I have arachnophobia lol. Save all da aminals.
alvichi's avatar
ahh. well i can understand that. moths can be creepy.
yes save all the animals!~
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so large so fuzzy so cute. Come on snuggle the fluffy
Clinkorz's avatar
Just bury yourself in da fluff
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Aww, this is super cute.
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