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Blocky babe I thought Eiscue would be an easier one but the ice block was particularly tricky to color D:     
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First comment! I love this so much.

The eyes are adorable, and the lighting is outstanding!

Do you have any specific brushes or tips you use for the shadows and highlights? I'm looking for advice on my art.

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Thank you! I use the very standard photoshop brushes, as I just color with a mouse! As far as shadows...I just always place my light source in the upper right hand corner, so I pretty much do the same lighting everytime lol. I've just gotten a lot of practice with it specifically in one place.

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Oh wow yeah. I change my light source, maybe that's why it's so hard.fella thinking ( Reactions )


Also, you're just so so so good. How long have you been doing art?

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Aw thank you so much, I've been doing art semi professionally since 2009!

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I do not have that patience, that’s super impressive.

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