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MetroMail - Contacts UI

MetroMail Series:

Edit: Just a quick FYI, everything on this, relating to people's contact information and names, are all made up and, if accurate, are only so by chance

Continuing from this [link] , this time we're looking at what a basic contacts UI would look like

Laid out very much like the mail part of the client, the contacts UI would follow the simplicity, showing your categories on the top, and each entry having the contacts information, as well as some of the latests posts from their social streams + links to their social network profiles

This is all concept, and I'm not a programmer, but any thoughts on how this could be improved? I'm thinking maybe the social stream concept should be more central, but thoughts?
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Can you tell me please, what font did you use for contact names ?
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wow, I really like this idea. I like the Zune UI anyway ^^
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Visually it looks nice. However from a usability standpoint, just think about core scenarios for this:

"create a new mail" - visually where does your eye go when you want to send mail? The zune ui has buttons on the bottom which makes sense because that's where you look when want to control media. But "new mail", at least for me I'm looking towards the top in the left. Sure users can be trained but even if you wanted to keep buttons on the bottom, the new mail button is the 5th option. consider how you could reorganize things so core scenarios feel natural to do.
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True, true. This is part of what translating ideas from the Phone to an actual PC take, so I'll take that into consideration. Thanks!
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Hi, what icon pack have you used for the icons "Metro UI" style at bottom?
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Those are just self built with font + a circle in Photoshop with the fill at 0% + the outline
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thank you for exposition :D

Time ago, I realized a concept of Windows Live Messenger with Metro UI interface at [link]

what do you think?
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A little messy, but not bad
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I thank you for the honesty. I will try to make it more ordered :)
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This is freaking beautiful. I wish this was real ):
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