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Instagram for Windows Phone

Exploring the possibilities of an Instagram client for Windows Phone, this idea takes cues from the apps signature look and feel, as well as integrating elements of the Windows Phone user interface that would make this app unique to the platform.
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awesome, wonder if instagram is even willing to go metro, seeing that they don't even follow the android Holo, that is if they ever decide to allow a Windows Phone app (most likely MS will be the one developing it, just like Facebook app).
rko-freaK's avatar
Is it just edited with photoshop or you have just created a real windows phone design?
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If you mean have I created an app or have one in development, the answer is no - sadly.
revengexx14's avatar
Loos decent, but the top should be solid blue, gradients look out of place in Metro.
clindhartsen's avatar
It's branding vs. pure Metro aesthetic. I understand where you're coming from, but there are also some beautiful examples of apps where the brands style is adapted to Metro with the presence of gradients still.
BassUltra's avatar
It really sucks when people design a Windows app because they think Metro = flat. Metro's really about minimalism and you can achieve minimalism with gradients.
Vinis13's avatar
Instagram on Windows Phone *-*
Corvida's avatar
Love the 'Explore' and 'Me' screens but for 'News', I would love to see the image thumbnails displayed Facebook mobile style (and flickr), where you can swipe left or right to see more photos.

Otherwise, great design!
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Ooh, that's sweet~ Where'd you get the 8X from?
clindhartsen's avatar
Actually from a friend. Not sure where he got it from though.
samcaffeine's avatar
haha we still hoping someday ....
irmantas-11's avatar
Similar to Facebook app, but looks nice ;)
astroXP's avatar
Seems legit! :#1:
FFra's avatar
i fucking love that HTC
WP7User's avatar
Give it a better icon / live tile, and it's perfect! I want it already..... It's probably not coming though.
astroXP's avatar
Oh, I'm sure they're coming … after everybody leaves it for good because of their new ToS. LOL.
clindhartsen's avatar
Maybe someday they'll do it. I'll flesh this out more and consider the tiles.
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