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Warriors - The Prophecies Begin

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alternate name - a visual guide to when your fave characters die!
alternate alternate name - climb is a huge nerd why did she make this

With so many characters and name changes its hard for me to remember who died in a certain book, or who changed rank exactly when. So i thought a visual guid would be helpful (and allow me to play with designs + genetics!)

I might go back in and fix the mistakes later but for now i'm good LOL

CHANGES PER BOOK (that might not be shown on the chart)
Death - Redtail, Spottedleaf, Lionheart, Rosetail, Unnamed kit (m - goldenflower)
Left - Ravenpaw
Hostage - Yellowfang, 4 Unnamed kits (m - frostfur, by shadowclan)
Returned - 4 Unnamed kits (m - frostfur)
Joined - Firepaw, Yellowfang

Death - 2 Unnamed kits (m - brindleface)
Joined - Cloudkit

Death - Brokentail
Left - Graystripe
Exiled - Tigerclaw
Hostage - Brokentail

Death - Yellowfang, Runningwind, Halftail, Patchpelt, Mistlekit (m - speckletail)

Death - Bluestar, Brindleface, Swiftpaw, Snowkit (m - speckletail)

Death - Whitestorm, Darkstripe
Left - Darkstripe, Tawnypaw
Joined - Graystripe

     1. I tried to keep seniority/rank as accurate as possible, but as i compiled these all together I realized the mistakes i'd 
          Smallear's name in the darkest hour is misspelled and has an extra "e"

    2. DESIGNS
            Okay, now before a bunch of you go shitting on my design choices, let me explain why -
            The majority of these stay true to their canon, and I attempted to show family ties via eye color and pelt color
            Most of you will probably say my Fireheart design is wrong, but I 100% see him as a ruddy abyssinian, and that's the way he's going to stay.Letting him keep the chocolate brindle (dark markings) allow him to produce - guess what - a brown kitten! Besides, throw that cat into some sunlight and he'll glow right up. (and he gets to keep his green eyes)

    3. I removed Darkstripe from the Darkest Hour even though he's listed in the allegiances, because he leaves the clan early on.
        I also decided not to include Mistyfoot, Stormpaw, and Featherpaw in the Darkest Hour list even though they were staying  with Thunderclan at the time and even received temporary mentors within the clan

I'm not sure if this will be helpful to some of you fic writers or artists, but i know it will personally help me keep track easily for pmvs/amvs when knowing who's still alive at a certain point or who loses kits when.

Anyways, feel free to use any designs here and let me know if i should do the next arcs
(also if anyone sees anymore mistakes I made, tell me in the comments! 

See the other arcs here :
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Artemis6336Hobbyist Digital Artist

That is very impressive

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KimaxuHobbyist Digital Artist
I love the Firestar design I have something similar to it.
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MapleCloudsHobbyist Digital Artist

Same. I love it, and honestly, see Firestar like that.

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WhiteWhale520Student Digital Artist
YAAhHH this is amazing. I truly love it!!Happy Retsuko [F2U] 
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TobyandMavisforeverStudent General Artist
I adore how Whitestorm reacts to being the deputy. He was the most deserving candidate to take that position and then he acts like "Wait, what... Firestar picked me"? He's just the sweetest, I swear.
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darkstripe didnt leave he was exiled by firestar in front of the whole clan
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hayitspresleyHobbyist General Artist
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Liohai General Artist
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Autumnfrost-LexiStudent General Artist
Rosetail is the briefly mentioned elder. 
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Liohai General Artist
Owe right
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Crystal--SkiesStudent General Artist
there is a typo on the last smallear, instead its smalleear
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sans-catHobbyist Digital Artist
Yellowfang :'(
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hoennconfirmingStudent General Artist
ohhhh my god this is so cool it must have taken forever

(i just finished the prophecies begin help me)
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CytroplexHobbyist General Artist
greystripe is the only kitty still alive from the first book :^)
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can we make/use lineart out of these and credit you?
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ClimbToTheStarsProfessional General Artist

absolutely not.
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Oh ok. They look very beautiful!
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omg i didn't notice but my cryfish named storm died a few months ago  ;-;
-cries in corner-    Pikachu Crying Plz Miuna Crying Icon 
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ClimbToTheStarsProfessional General Artist
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aesthetic-dogeStudent General Artist
can i use one as my dA icon? i'll give credit in my sig + dA bio
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ClimbToTheStarsProfessional General Artist
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aesthetic-dogeStudent General Artist
alright ty
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nectwaiiHobbyist Digital Artist
I always forget bluestar named brightheart lostface for a while and it still cracks me up im terrible
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Wasnt Tawnypaw in Shadowclan at the time of the Darkest Hour?
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