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Stupid Kittypet

"Fireheart, every cat in the clan can see that Sandstorm is very very fond of you!"

a little early Valentines featuring the og couple 💕
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Great art! As a result, I watch you from now on!

AA! This made me squeal! I'm not that far into the books yet but I can't wait till I get to this part! :D

OMG it is sooo cute!!! :D

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Absolutely in love with how you drew/colored the fur here :heart:

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I was so sad when they died

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Yes the og couple was the best😔

This is amazing! Really missing the og couple :(

I’m suspecting that this is Firestar and Sandstorm?

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This is really beautiful! I love how the two differ not just in color/markings, but also in face structure. The fur texture is truly wonderful as well.

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I remember reading this part in A Dangerous Path and it made me squee inside! way back in 05.

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Yesss! the best couple!

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I love this it’s AMAZING!! Brings back memories of the first books.
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This is so cute
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I love Sandstorm's expression. <3

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No wonder you were complaining about the style choice, look at that DETAIL! Wonderful.

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Ah, I see. And yes, Firestar was so oblivious to Sandstorm's crush.

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I love <3 they look beautiful together :)

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