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i have stickers back in stock!!! i've got a bunch of new sticker packs up this time as well

also yes i ship internationally and you can pay multiple currencies (storenvy will convert it into USD) 
i only have a limited stock so go check them out before i'm sold out!
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Do you still do stickers if so what do they cost ?
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Hey, I love your designs ^^ I'd like to know how you turn your art into stickers ? If someone ele knows please tell me, thanks ^^
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just a question- On your storenvy profile theres an empty charms page, do you know if you are ever going to make charms? I would love to buy them if you do <33
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oh wait now I know who the kitty cats are, Leafpool, Cinderpelt, and Alderheart
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let's see, Spotted Leaf, YellowFang, JayFeather, forgot who the others are, it would be nice if Frecklewish and EchoSong were there.
but this has nothing to do with the super edition books
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I love the way you made the designs of Leafpool, Jayfeather and Alderheart really look like they're related o:
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Where did you get these made OoO
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Best stickers ever!  The designs are flawless, and I especially love how Jayfeather holds that stick :heart: XD
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AW! Those are wonderful!
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I already bought a sheet of them! ^^ I can't wait for them to show up!
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I wish I could buy some. I'll just save the pics to my phone. But I really love the Cinderpelt and Leafpool ones
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How come Jayfeather has a scar on his side? Did I miss something from the books?
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he got it when he was attacked by breezepelt at the moonpool
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I appreciate it, you two. Thanks.
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jayfeather was attacked by breezepelt because he was protecting poppyfrost (i dont know the details :) (Smile)
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cant wait for mine to come!!!
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notice me senpai ;-;
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I know this is a long shot, but do you think you could alert me  when these are back in stock, if they will be back in stock? I think my friend what really adore these for his birthday, (He's obsessed with warriors, and he especially loves the medicine cats) and he doesn't know what DeviantArt is (he spends so little time on the internet he didn't even know what memes were until last year) so it'd be a complete surprise to him to get these. So, if you could tell me if or when these are going to be back in stock, that'd be great, but it's absolutely fine if you don't/can't.  Sorry to bother you!
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you can watch my store on storenvy and get emailed alerts that way :) 
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