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All The Canon God Tiers From Homestuck


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All The Canon God Tiers From Homestuck


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Kitten Maker

furry maker

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(F2U} anthro canine ref lineart! [links in desc.]


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Vocaloid Dress Up Game

Dress Up

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Homestuck Troll Horns: Tutorial

awesome stuff

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Child!Sollux x Child!Reader - Just rest your head

Slowly, you follow your mother as she drags you along the many aisles. You grumble in protest, but the other shoppers masked your annoyed retorts. "(Name), dear?" Your mother asks. "W-what?" You manage to reply, yawning in the process. She smiles. "Don't you want to buy anything?" "No." You were firm with this decision. If you bought anything today, you were certain that you wouldn't have enough money to buy the Rabbit plush you had been saving for. It was very important to you, although you didn't really know why. Tired, you start to walk down the confectionery aisle, until you bump into something. "Hey!" An irritated voice calls out. Or

Sollux fan fics need to read

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Human!Karkat x Reader-Grumpy roommate [14 Ending]

But unfortunately, you woke up in your bed, having cold sweat dripping down your back. Your eyes darted around the room, to find it the way it was in your dream, or years ago. The crib was there and Ashley's toy was lying around on the floor. You didn't realize it, but beside you, in the bed was no Dave. . . . . . . In the bed next to you, was Karkat, lying with his back to you and sleeping soundly. The door was open a few inches and let some light from the hallway in. Your eyes widened, at the sight of your husband, just lying there beside you, breathing slowly and sleeping soundly. You slowly reached over and shook his shoulder gently,

Karkat fan fics need to read

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Tavros X Reader --- How could she? How could she be so sweet? So gentle? So beautiful? So angelical? Those were the questions stuck on the poor young Nitram’s head. Every time he heard her voice, he thought… ‘Am I in Heaven?’ Every time he saw her face, her smile, he thought… ‘Is she an angel?’ He could never get an answer. But one thing he knew. The way she made him feel…So peaceful, so happy…So in love. He needed her with him. He needed her to be his and only his. Someday be able to call her his Matesprit. That was what he wanted the most. But he didn&rsquo

Tavros or Gamzee Fan fics need to read

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Sans Mask Tutorial

Cosplay tutorail stuff

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William Shimeji


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Homestuck Troll Horns: Tutorial

Homestuck Tutorials

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IS THAT A HUMAN (undertale comic)


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Angry Brows


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Don't High-five Shoulders

My Stamps

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Me! Me! Me! Pattern draft


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