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JAM for foobar2000 [Additional Screenshots]



Wallpaper: Gauss: Aqua by ~ainq 

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Hi, interesting skin, but I'm mostly interested in the library browser in the middle section. Is it a jscript panel?
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Hi. Nope, that's graphical browser panel :)
I see. Thanks for answering. I'm not familiar with that plug-in, but I'll check it out. I had no idea you could draw command buttons like that, but I guess that's part of the scripting art ;)
I had a few questions before purchasing. Can the artist photos in this view be pulled from the artist parent directory?
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If you already have a collection of artist pictures on the directory, it's possible. 
Hey I purchased the skin.:) 
I was just wondering where or how i can add my artist pictures. I have a folder right now from Jriver where all my artist pictures are name after album artist field. Thanks. :)
Awesome skin, but I have some wierd problems.
Firstly, the button won't show up. The necessary options are there, but not the button itself. Secondly, most of the buttons in the equaliser section are not working (specifically, the first three ones). Any way you can help?
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It's a known bug, still working to fix that. But you still can right click on love button area to type username and your password.
EQ works well on me. maybe you can send me a screenshot of your EQ?
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Is there any way to change the red on the red scheme to yellow? Like a bumblebee yellow. I've looked around in the settings a bit and nada.
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This yellow… ?
Ill create another color scheme when I have more free time
How can I add a scrollbar?
Sorry for double post, but i also noticed that all my albums stay in now playing list all the time and they are all in playlist as well. How do i fix that?
The skin is perfect, i only have 1 issue with it. In collection view, some of artists have no picture, but when i click on artist info on playing album, the picture is there, its also in the folder in my library, what can i do to fix this? Im really obsessed with these things so i really want to get rid of this problem lol. Thanks so much. Also is there a way to somehow have a separation for different discs? I have a lot of early jazz compilations and things like that, most of them are more than 3 cds, so when i play them, in now playing section they simply appear as track #1 to track #x, having some sort of indication what track from which cd is playing would be cool. I hope you understand what i mean, im not too good with these things, so maybe i simply missed something in user guide.
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Artist pictures on 'artist info' view loads right away after it's downloaded. On other places foobar needs to load them manually, few possible solutions for this are to switch to different view or to other color scheme first.

Number on 'now playing' view are showing the tracks sequence in the playlist rather than their track number, so it's kinda odd if I insert their disc number beside them. I'll think of other ways for this, maybe with a popup.

And songs on the 'now playing' view are locked to your currently playing playlist. It shows the same songs unless you play track from different playlist.
And the lyrics are not appearing any more - they did before. Related to the same issues?
Thanks for replying but have no idea how to actually execute what you suggested.

I do know how to open console  and how  upload the log to pastebin. Could you please explain again, maybe in easier terms?

I added the scobbler component.

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Click the button inside the blue square, then copy the text from console window and paste it to :)

About lyrics, can you see any fallback texts ('searching', 'no lyrics found', etc) ? 
Great skin but having issues with rasl.

I changed the settings as directed but rasl keeps on appearing. When Foobar is switched on there is a red heart that disappears after a couple of songs to be replaced with rasl.

The pop-up appears each time, so that is not an issue. But I noted that the tracks that are being played are not registering under my profile.

Any suggestions please?
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Next time it happen please open console and upload the log to pastebin.

Actually the scrobbler component isn't included, so you have to download it separately.
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Amazing skin. Love the look of it. Would just like to ask if one function would be possible.

On "Collection" view, I'd like the "artists" area to be bigger, and show "Folders" rather than artists.

Then, when one of those folders is clicked, the albums within those folders are shown in the "albums" section below.

Would this work with a bit of tweaking? If not, I'm sure I'd get used to it. Really great skin, thanks!
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By 'bigger' you mean wider or taller, or both?
Hmm.. I don't get your point why you would categorize them by folders. Any particular reasons for this one? let me know :)
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I have a lot of compilation CDs with mixed artists I'd like to group together. I've just worked around this by sorting by album artist instead.

And yes, I meant taller, so it shared the same amount of space as the album view.
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