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October 19, 2013
JAM for foobar2000 - v1.0 by ~FlipOut69
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JAM HD v1.7.5

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Welcome to JAM, one of the best foobar2000 skins on DeviantArt, rated by you. Why you should try it? because :
- 173.000+ views 
- 587 favs
- Featured in 11 Groups
- Featured as Daily Deviation

Requirements :

1. foobar2000 v1.6.4 stable
2. At least 1280x720 screen resolution, higher is recommended
3. Segoe UI font family

Download :
Buy and download from Gumroad:
This is a one-time purchase, meaning you'll get lifetime updates for free!
Check out my Gumroad Store for other products and deals!

Buyers from the old store ( can get the same product for free on Gumroad!
You only need to provide your transaction ID (included in the email receipt) and send it to jamfoobar[at]
I will send you a 100% discount code afterward. Thank You.

Read first :
1. Window frame should look like the preview image, regardless what Windows version and custom VS you're using.
2. Installation and basic setup guide is included in the zip archive.

Still not sure? Try the lite version here  
Have UHD monitor? Check the 4K version here

Changelog :

*Check the user guide for complete logs

V1.7.5 [12 Feb 2021]
- Change lyric component to ESLyric
- Compatibility check with the latest foobar2000 version (v1.6.4)
- Bug fixes and minor improvements

V1.7.4 [27 Aug 2020]
- Compatibility check with the latest foobar2000 version (v1.5.5)
- Upgrade rating & love scripts to the latest version

1.7.3 [25 Mar 2020]
- Compatibility check with the latest foobar2000 version (v1.5.2)
- Fix artist pictures not downloading

V1.7.2 [17 Feb 2020]
- Update some components to the latest version 
- Compatibility check with the latest foobar2000 version (v1.5.1)
- Minor changes and fixes

V1.7.1 [25 Aug 2019]
- New Royal Blue - Gold color scheme
- Update some components and scripts to the latest version
- Compatibility check with the latest foobar2000 version (v1.4.6)
- Minor changes and fixes


If You have any ideas or issues please contact me with:
- The Official Support Email -

And You can follow and reply to my Twitter Account for product news and faster respond to your inquiries.


Credit to :
- iosuiscloud for supporting this skin development
- marc2k3 for lots of WSH scripts
- Markkoenig for volume bar script (from Lux)
- ainq for Gauss: Aqua wallpaper
- dAKirby309 for foobar2000 icon (from Metro UI Icon Set)
© 2013 - 2021 cliffflip
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Thanks for update, the new version has not fixed bugs indicated by my previous mind, by search.bmp and I found a bug, when I go to menu playback/order/random, text goes somewhere else like in image. I also found a problem in biography, first line of it is hidden.

If it is possible under where image appears the album, song text name sometimes is longer and it is not possible to display it, is there option that this text scrolls.

And the other thing, the change to ESLyric, I do not know if it is good option, now several texts of the songs do not appear to me since I do not have script as I used with lyrics3, according to what I compiled information of ESLyric, it has texts only English, Chinese and a few more, but I listen, German, French, Italian, Russian and Spanish, now if you can help me with information to add scripts to see lyrics of these songs, it would be better.

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I think my previous posts were straightforwarded, but if you still have the problem, I'll upload a video on how to fix it.

No, there's no option for scrollable texts, at least for now.

ESLyric use the default location of lyric, including that is used by previous lyric component (Lyrics Show 3), so it should display lyrics that previously downloaded by Lyrics Show 3. This is a better option because Lyric Show 3 doesn't download any new lyrics anymore.

It is not necessary to upload video to fix bug with search. But it would be good to fix bug mentioned "I found a bug, when I go to menu playback/order/random, text goes somewhere else like in image. I also found a problem in biography, first line of it is hidden." since I don't know how it is possible to fix it.

I will wait when I can schroll.

I liked ESLyric but this one should try to let it work like Lyrics Show 3. Well I'll see how I can do it myself.

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I'm sorry Jam isn't configured for random playing mode. I chose shuffle over random because both has similar function, and I simply picked shuffle.

Text error in biography how can I fix it? Before the word metal there should be more text but it does not show it.

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On which theme and scaling? I did check for this issue and text is displayed normally. Did you made any changes regarding this?

125p that error I start from version 1.7.5, before I did not have that problem, I have modified, but I have not touched anything biographies.

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I have checked all themes on 125% but everything is as how it should be. It seems overlapped with the panel above it, but it shouldn't if you didn't make any changes to that.

Anyway, you can right click the text and choose Configure. look at the code I extracted from that panel from pastebin link below, and change "80" to a lesser number.

If this icon is in skins, but address is "C:\Users\cliffflip" you must say my user "C:\Users\"USER"", but fix as you indicate me.

I tried to install from 0 but it's still the same, I really don't know what happened, I tried with foobar2000 1.5.6, but it didn't work either.

I found a bug, when I go to menu playback/order/random, text goes somewhere else like in image.

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Where do you get the "C:\Users\cliffflip" address? Is it from console?

This address is default when installing the skin.

Hi. I bought the JAM 1.5.1 with lifetime updates but I don't see how I can download the last version, in Gumroad store I can only purchase it again. Thanks

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Hi, please check your note :)

I have the same problem.

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Please send me an email to jamfoobar[at] with your transaction ID. I will send you a 100% discount code afterward.

I have some problems with the latest version of foobar 1.6.2, I am attaching a visual image so you can see and on console each time the player is started it says: Custom bitmap C:\Program Files (x86)\foobar2000\skins\Jam\Images\search.bmp could not be loaded

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Make sure the search.bmp icon exists in that location. It’s an image of 2 magnifying glasses.

Install fontawesome.ttf from ‘font’ folder to fix the missing love and scroll buttons.

I’ll fix the font size. But if you want to do it yourself, I can show you how.


It is impossible to leave make sure the search.bmp icon exists in that location since it says "C:\Users\cliffflip" must say my user and not yours.

I have installed the fonts in the application folder but I think I updated something and now it doesn't work well.

Apart from font size please see if you download artist image as it does not work for me.

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I'm sorry but I don't understand. The icon is located in "skins" folder which goes to where the foobar is installed. Anyway to fix it, left-click on left area of the search bar and select "Options" then untick "custom bitmap". Do it one more time to tick it back. Then navigate and select the "search.bmp" icon.

Reinstall the font should fix that. Or can you remember what you updated prior the problem?

You can right-click the text and select 'configure'. Look for this line:

var font = gdi.Font("Manjari", 20, 0);

change "20" to a fewer number.

Will fix the artist image dowhload problem

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EDIT: I could solve the album artwork by putting the picture file in the same folder as the album, but the artist picture still doesn't appear


Why can't I see the artworks ? Every song, album, and artist have artwork, but I can only see a few of them

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For now the album panel only support external images (not embedded), also the artist pictures are required to be downloaded first from the Artist Info tab.

okok..The problem lies in windows 10, laptops will have display scaling.The laptop screen is too small

 2020-09-24 185517
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There is “125%.fcl” file in the extracted folder, you can load it so the fonts size on the skin will match your display scaling.

To load an fcl file, go to Preferences -> Display -> Columns UI -> Import Configuration -> select the fcl file.


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