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JAM 4K v1.7.5

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Requirements :
1. foobar2000 v1.6.4 stable
2. Resolution higher than 2160x1080. 4K monitor is recommended
3. Segoe UI font family

Download :
Buy and download from Gumroad:
This is a one-time purchase, meaning you'll get lifetime updates for free!
Check out my Gumroad Store for other products and deals!

Buyers from the old store ( can get the same product for free on Gumroad!
You only need to provide your transaction ID (included in the email receipt) and send it to jamfoobar[at]
I will send you a 100% discount code afterward. Thank You.

Read first :
1. Window frame should look like the preview image, regardless what Windows version and custom VS you're using.
2. Installation and basic setup guide is included in the zip archive.

Additional screenshots
Video in action

Changelog :

*Check the user guide for complete logs

V1.7.5 [12 Feb 2021]
- Change lyric component to ESLyric
- Compatibility check with the latest foobar2000 version (v1.6.4)
- Bug fixes and minor improvements

V1.7.4 [27 Aug 2020]
- Compatibility check with the latest foobar2000 version (v1.5.5)
- Upgrade rating & love scripts to the latest version

V1.7.3 [25 Mar 2020]
- Compatibility check with the latest foobar2000 version (v1.5.2)
- Fix artist pictures not downloading

V1.7.2 [17 Feb 2020]
- Update some components to the latest version 
- Compatibility check with the latest foobar2000 version (v1.5.1)
- Minor changes and fixes

V1.6.3 [11 Mar 2019]
- Compatibility check with foobar2000 v1.4.2
- Fix metadata strings (bit/samplerate, replaygain, etc)
- Minor Fixes


If You have any ideas or issues please contact me with:
- The Official Support Email -

And You can follow and reply to my Twitter Account for product news and faster respond to your inquiries.


Credit to :
- iosuiscloud for supporting this skin development
- marc2k3 for lots of WSH scripts
- Markkoenig for volume bar script (from Lux)
- Puscifer91 for Reflection Wallpaper 4K wallpaper
- dAKirby309 for foobar2000 icon (from Metro UI Icon Set)
© 2016 - 2021 cliffflip
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how to do these things like how to put some files to actually theme work?

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Hi. To install the theme you just need to copy 3 folders and install required font. Detailed guide is included in the package.


Hi, how to fix "No Artworks Found"? Thanks!

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It seems foobar can't find both embedded and external arts from the track. Might be a bug since the playlist has it. I will check it out.

Maybe not related but I have problems changing DSD tags, including using mp3tag.

Hi it seems you have updated this theme for a couple of versions but I'm not able to get that download link (it asks me to pay again). What should I do? Thanks!

By the way, it seems there's something wrong with the loved track button. After clicking it once, the red color does not keep (returned to gray even though after checking it's actually loved). And sometimes it would turn to a weird "rasl" symbol which I can't click anymore (as attached).


Lastly, I'd like to replace the default Lyric Show Panel 3 to ESlyrics. Could you please help me on this?

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Hello. Can you tell the email that you used to purchase the skin? Send it via chat or a note here on DA. I’ll send you a new link after that.

”rasl” is actually a cropped ”crashed” message. Since you use an older version it may already fixed on the latest version.

Okay I’ll work on ESLyrics and send you a new config file afterward.

Hi thanks for your prompt reply. I noticed that I do have the updated version downloaded but the .fcl file I'm using is the one you provided below. The problem that red love symbol does not last after clicking it still persists. And I noticed that after switching from foobar2k to other applications and get back would likely cause the rasl problem.

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Which fcl file, if I may ask?

Look at the older comments of the same page.

But same problem persists even if I swich to the .fcl in the v173 zip

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Hi. Check your DeviantArt note, I've sent a new link for the skin's latest version and added ESlyric panel too.

The lryrics part works perfectly! Thank you!

But the love button issue still persists. Moreover, the rating button is displaying weird as well.

By the way, the song info and artist info ont size is super small. Is it possible to adjust them?

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Try the following steps:

  1. Right-click on the text -> splitter settings

  2. Go to 'script' tab and scroll until you find this section

//////// BOTTOM BAR

==Song Info

$font(Segoe UI,15,)

3. Change '15' to greater number

About the ratings & love, there should be a font folder from the extracted archive, install it and restart foobar.

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Looks very beautiful!

Hi I just bought it but the appearance is pretty bad on my computer (my display is 2K).

The button and text on the left look very ambiguous (I guess because of DPI or resolution issues) as you can see in the following attached screenshot.

Screenshot 20191218153822

Besides, texts are extremely small for some reason. I bet you can't see the title and artist on the right at all.

Screenshot 20191218155539

For some unknown reason, once I set the lyrics font to some font containing chinese characters, the characters will be displayed horizontally (left rotated 90 degrees). I guess this is not your fault, but you may have some idea?

Screenshot 20191218160700

I guess some of the problems above can be solved if I switch to non-4k version.

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Hi, and I'm sorry for the inconvenience. You can switch the DPI in Settings page so it matches with Windows' DPI setting. If you can't find the correct DPI setting then let me know so I can create it for you :)

Hi I'm using a 27' monitor with resolution 2560*1440 and my calculation shows the dpi is onlyaround 108.8.

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Here's the FCL file for you :

Go to Preferences (CTRL + P) -> Display -> Columns UI -> Import configuration and load the fcl. I use 28" monitor and set it to QHD resolution so the fonts should about the same size on your monitor.

Sorry for a late reply. That works perfectly for me. Thank you so much!

Hi, I just recently purchased JAM_4K v1.7.0 and as I am learning to set it up I noticed the menu in my Settings are:
DPI Settings
Artwork Type
Source Priority
Overlay Effect
Bar Opacity
Seekbar Length
Additional Vol Bar

Color Schemes : Choose from 3 different color schemes (Dark grey w/ green accents | Dark grey w/ blue accents | White + dark grey w/ red accents)

is NOT available.  Kindly advise.
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Hi and thanks for purchasing :)

Starting from 1.6.2, 'Color Schemes' is replaced by 'DPI Settings'. In return, you get FCL files from the zip archive. To change color scheme, load your color-preferred FCL file (ctrl + P.)

I'm sorry I keep forgetting to edit the user guide.
Hi FlipOut69,

Thank you, I had it sorted out now.

I wish to seek your help (if possible)
In Now Playing [tabs 1 2 3] and
in Collection [the right panel] the font size is tiny. 
How do I INCREASE the font size so that the text are easily readable.
Thank you.
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I'm positive that you mean are 'ELPlaylist' panels. You can right-click the panel (on album/artist) and select 'settings'.
From there you can edit the font size on 'script' tab. e.g. $font(Segoe UI,7). Change '7' to a greater value.
Good Luck :)
Yes, I got it. 
Thank you.
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Hello nice but Are you planning to do something similar to the old good Foava 1.05 only under newer versions, or something similar to that skin?
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