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JAM 2 HD - v2.8b

By cliffflip
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1. foobar2000 v1.6.4 Stable
2. At least 1366x768 screen, higher is recommended

- JAM 2 for foobar2000 - Additional Screenshots
- Video Preview 

Download :
Buy and download from Gumroad: 
This is a one-time purchase, meaning you'll get lifetime updates for free!
Check out my Gumroad Store for other products and deals!

Buyers from the old store ( can get the same product for free on Gumroad!
You only need to provide your transaction ID (included in the email receipt) and send it to jamfoobar[at]
I will send you a 100% discount code afterward. Thank You.

Read first :
1. The window frame should look like the preview image, regardless of what Windows version and custom VS you're using.
2. Installation and basic setup guide is included in the zip archive.

Looking for 4K Version? Check here :
Both HD and 4K versions work fine on QHD monitor. You can check the default size for HD version here, while the 4K version is here

Changelog :
*Last 5 updates. Check the guide for complete changes

V2.8b [01 Mar 2021] (Optional beta version)
- Centralized Font Size Control

V2.7.2 [23 Dec 2020]
- Switch lyric component to ESLyric
- Fixes iTunes Plus label on some albums
- Alternative Grouping & Sorting Presets by juicethehedgehog
- Compatibility check with foobar2000 v1.6.2
- Minor fixes and improvements

V2.7.1 [23 Sep 2020]
- Add tracks play count
- Add option to completely disable integration
- Better handling of compilations & multi-discs contents
- Update JScript panel to (fix artist pictures not downloading)
- Fix album art not showing on now playing track
- New Library Tree and Playlist panels
- Various ELPlaylist enhancements
- Fix iTunes Plus contents sometimes shown as regular AAC
- Compatibility check with foobar2000 v1.6
- Minor fixes and other improvements

V2.7 [23 Aug 2020]
- Revamped Now Playing UI
- Added visualization panel
- Added waveform seekbar
- Improved background image’s size and position calculation
- Update Jscript panel component to v2.3.6.1
- A lot of bug fixes and other improvements

V2.6.2 [01 Jul 2020]
- Compatibility check with foobar2000 v1.5.5
- Minor fixes

If You have any ideas or issues please contact me via:
- Comment on this page
- The Official Support Email -

Credit to :
- marc2003 for JScript Panel and his scripts
- rashadisrazzi for Aziatic wallpaper
- dAKirby309 for foobar2000 icon from Metro UI Icon Set
© 2019 - 2021 cliffflip
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awesome! im happy you like the sorting presets!

i have a question about the switch to EsLyric

so I've went and made synchronized lyrics for like a hundred of songs, I was wondering would there be some incompatibility or file format change to the lyrics?

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Thanks again for the presets!

I've tested some saved lyrics (lrc format) on ESlyric and have no problem, including synced ones. Both lyric components use foobar configuration folder for storage on default, so it should load automatically. Displaying it should never change the files but creating a backup never hurts :)

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yeah i was messing with it, and i absolutely love the karaoke function, so now i'm going over all of my lyrics and having them synched for karaoke.

you wouldn't happen to know where i can just upload all of these, would you?

like some sort of lyric hub where people can just get the .lrc files auto downloaded for them?

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I'm not sure if we can upload those lyrics somewhere and download it with ESlyric's default sources, considering they are Chinese music streaming apps (QQMusic, TTPod, etc). But I know we can add other sources so I'll look around to find more "open" ones.

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so after using JAM 2 for a while i realized there was one thing that i think would make the experience a little more nice for people...

In the Library menu, in the Album Selection at the top middle of the UI. I think when you select an Album, it should focus on the 1st item in that album's selection in the tracks below.

Currently, when you select an album from that list, the track list doesn't move to any of the selected songs within the album, so it makes it hard to see a specific track without playing something first.

so if there is a way to put that together, i think that would be really great

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Please right-click on the track list and click "Playlist" -> Follow Active Playlist. The track list should jump to selected album.

I'll make this the default on the next update.

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ah yeah. that helps in the Now Playing tab, but that option isn't available in the Album section in the Library.

also I made some grouping formats, i don't know if these are useful to you or anyone but here.

since the default grouping/sorting sorts by artist i left that alone. it can probably be written better, but this works for me.

Title Only

Group Format: %title%

Sort Format: %title%(edited)

Title (ignoring The word "The")

Group Format: $swapprefix(%title%,The)

Sort Format: $swapprefix(%title%,The)


Group Format: %album%

Sort Format: %album% - %discnumber% - %tracknumber% - %title%

Album (ignores the word "The")

Group Format: %album%

Sort Format: $swapprefix(%album%,The) - %discnumber% - %tracknumber% - %title%

Artist (ignores the letter A alone, and "The")

Group Format: %artist%

Sort Format: $swapprefix(%artist%,The,A) - %date% - %album% - %discnumber% - %track number% - %title%

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Hmm.. make sure "Playlists" context menu is enabled. You can check it by right-click on the list -> Settings -> "Behaviour" tab -> select "Playlists" on Context Menu dropdown -> tick "Show".

Thanks for sharing your grouping formats! I will do some testing :)

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Thank you very much! this is exactly what i wanted! :D

Also, you're welcome! I hope they turn out to be useful for you :)

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So comparing to V1, the things i like:

- there's much more room to see everything (At least it feels like that)

- the lyrics show is much nicer when it comes to synced lyrics. it's small, but i like it

- i like the highlight info when you highlight a track.

- It also feels much smoother to work with!

things that are a little bothersome.

- while it's more room to see images like album art, the standard album art tends to show up as very cropped in the nowplaying view and when it's cropped off so much, i'd just prefer it to just have it stretched maintaining aspect ratio so most of it doesn't end up hiding behind the UI.


- other than that, i really like it!

at the same time, because i was so used to v1, i can still see myself going back to that for the sake of the UI style

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Thank you so much for the review! I really appreciate it.

About the album art, I’ll tweak it for the next update. TBH I was focused more on the artist pic calculation (with each has unique size) on the last update, I spent my time less for the album art. With the majority of it has the same aspect ratio it should be easier to deal with.

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oh, i was meaning to grab an update for V1 and i noticed that the sellfy page was gone, so does that mean i have to buy it again on gumroad?

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You don’t have to. Check your note, I‘ve sent you a code to grab it for free ;)

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i really liked the 1st JAM that you made, but since you moved to Gumroad, i figured i'd make a new purchase and try out JAM 2. :D

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I bought this via Sellfy a while ago (June 30 2020) and am sad to see that you seem to only update on Gumroad now. I don't exactly want to pay twice to regain lifetime updates.

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Reach me at jamfoobar[at] with your purchase details and I’ll give you 100% discount code on Gumroad.

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Great skin, so good I bought it (at least) twice :D

I have tried for a couple of weeks now, but I seem unable to get album art to appear in the Now Playing or LIbrary sections (works fine in Artist Bio page though!?). Running in portable FB2K but also same issue with non-portable install(s).

Any help / pointers gratefully received :)

EDIT: Should add each album is in own folders with Folder.jpg being the album art. I can get album art to appear if it's embedded, but the increase in file sizes would be way too much.

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Thank you :)

Embedded art is the first option, if foobar can’t find any, then it will look for external image(s) in the song folder. I also noticed a small change in latest foobar version regarding album art. The next monthly update will also fix this.

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Do people that bought it on sellfy not get the latest version anymore? :/

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I switched my e-store a couple months ago.

Reach me at jamfoobar[at] with the email you used to purchase the skin.

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this theme definitely looks stunning but i have several issues actually using it. how do i search/sort my library by album artist? if i can't, would you add that feature in the next update? also it seems that this does not switch back to shared mode even if i close the foobar2000(i'm using asio currently, and yes, i double checked the system tray, ye, it's gone for sure).

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Thank you.

To add the Album Artist view, you can right-click on the "Library" root view on Library Tree panel -> select New View. You can use these parameters:

I'm not familiar with asio output, but I'll check it.

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