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did this for fun
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Nice interpretation. Clever twist on the tongue.
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thats fantastic i wish you drew more..........
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i wish i could draw more to.... to much inking taking up my time,
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the colors on this are sic! i just have one small critique (and i hate critquing people who are working proffessionally because i haven't put in the drawing hours that you guys have. and i feel i shouldn't critique).

his right arm looks like it has 2 shoulders.
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I have reposted the demon with a shoulder edit. looks alittle better.
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HA! now I look at it again it does.
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im not trying to bust balls. i just happened to notice it.
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I'm really impressed by your coloring technique!! :o
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Damn fine job Cliff. Love it bro. :horns:
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An awesome job Cliff. Thanks much for sharing! :D
hell ya, Etrigan. "gone, gone form of Man!"
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Very nice. :D

I love how he talks in rhyme. ^ ^
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i'm not a big fan of the demon, but i'm a huge fan of your version.
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That's some good looking Demon Cliff!
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Man I love this. The Demon; one of my all time favs and you rendered him wonderfully!
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awesome rendition!
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wow, this looks really crazy! Never thought the Demon would have a tongue that could compete with venom=] This is hot
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When I was drawing him I had vemon in mind.
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what made you decide to change characters?
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