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SK : Agent Howard
Oooooooookayyyyyyy this one is going to be katie bio in Swat Kats Universe For real..again =-=

**i can't believe I let my oc live in many universe ..Ughhhhhhhh **

" Profile "
Name : Katie Howard
Nickname : Kate
Age : 22
Birthday : 11 July 
Birthplace : Rivar town 
Fur Color : Yellow/White
Eyes color: Blue

Job : Police **Temporary police in megakats city**
Like : Hot Milk, Coffee Mike can ,Play puzzle game
Dislikes : Criminal , Fail the case 
Relationship : 
Nell Crimson  = Partner/Friend  "He is my best buddy "
Jake  Clawson = Distrust**At first **/friend 
Chance Furlong = Distrust**At first **/friend 
Callie Briggs = Like a sister to me

: Personality :
Katie is really determination and straight forward girl ,she always care about another people and family first before herself  everytime.

Some Kat always think she a little bit bossy because of her word she say sometime but she only do that when she working with other kat.

And she can be stupid sometime like "They live in the garage??....they're bad guy for sure! !"

—More soon—

Oc Katie Howard by :iconcliff-kun: Meeee

(¬_¬) I don't what I want to draw to day sonic art style or kemono 

( ̄. ̄) I don't want to draw both....
SK : Her name is.. .
Back while ago.. . I make Katie and swat kats relationship super weird

They not even not her in the first place and then I make chance fell in love with her with unknown reason,Sooooo I just redo again and try to do everything make sense for them.

Saturday 11.55 A.M. at Garage 

Chance and Jake about to go have lunch 

" Hey, Chance wanna do some pepper challenge today pal??"
" (¬_¬)......... " *Chance give him a serious look after he findout Jake cheat on pepper challenge week ago*
" Okay....Let's get some tuna then...gee man I'm sorry "
" Then buy me 3 mike "
" Uhhhh fineeeeee "

Before that Callie car have arrived in front of they garage 

"Hi, guy where you guy going? " She smile
"We—" Jake get interrupted by Chance
" Well, we're going to get some lunch Callie~ and is that you friend over there?? " Chance look at the blonde Kat beside the Callie car

"Yes, she come from another city mayor told me to pick her up at the airport and her name is...."

The blonde Kat grab Callie hand and tell her to go

"We have to go now,callie"
"Huh?? But why so hurry? ?" Callie is little confused 
"I don't trust them" Her give to boy a mean looking 
" Why??? They're good Kat!! "
"Because they're sucked "
"Wha—?" She look even more confused 

Both of them get inside the car and leave 

" I'm so confused ,jake"
"Me too, pal "
"Well, all we know Callie new friend not really nice"
"Yeah, your NEW girlfriend is kinda mean"
"JAKE!! "

chance about to hit him but Jake running always from him

"Hahaha~ Who get to the restaurant last paid all the food~!!"

meanwhile in the car

"Ughhhhhhhh!!! I did it again!! Sorry Callie " 
"Don't worry Miss Howard but why you don't like them??"
"Back in my hometown .. All the bad guy I use the caught ... Is always live and work at the garage so..... I think they're.....the bad guy too???? ?"
"............" Callie look at Howard for a moment before breaking the silence 
" Oh my hahahahahahaha~!! Oh Katie that was. .. Hahahaha~!!"
" Yeah... .It's silly....yeah" She turn her face away for callie ....because she so embarrassing 
"OK....ok... So how long you gonna stay here?? "
"Can't tell... at long my case don't close I can't go home"
"What about it ??"
"It's —"

The end....?

Oc Katie Howard by :iconcliff-kun: Meee
Callie Briggs ,Chance Furlong and Jake Clawson belong  Swatkats the series 
Bad news guy!! My artbook is cover with water!!! Thank you Mother Nature and raid!!!
you're rude my book!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!
TwT Anyway.... I will come back post the new art the Friday.... I have to buy a new artbook... AHHHHHHH!!!!
Hi guy!!  It's been a couple months now I don't post anything here....i so busy with everything.... Work... Family... God...

OwO but forgot about that I just come back!  I wanna draw!! 


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Hiya!! My name is Book nice to meet ya!! (It's someone will come to my page...maybe??) I just a normal students who really love to drawing a lot
(●—●)/Who teach me draw?? Not body!! I learn how to draw by myself
(○—○)/ Style of art I draw?? Black White is the most..
(◎—◎)/ เค้าอยากได้คอมเม้นอ่ะตะเอ็ง

คอมมินชัน เปิด ครับ
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**Thai Only~**
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จีน = คืนอาจารย์แล้ว
ญี่ปุ่น = (—/\—) รอแม่ถูกหวยก่อน จะขอไปเรียน


This one have a same price like sketch~
Sketch ~
Want me do some sketch? :3
Color Pencil Set 1
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For Single Character
= 50 Points (Half-Body)
= 60 Points (Full-Body)
Color Pencil Set 2
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Color P Set 2 for many characters

For many characters more then 1
= 110 (Half-body)
= 160 (Full-body )


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